Baseline PMO software has come up with a brand-new UI

An organization’s project management standards are defined, maintained, and enforced by a department or group known as the project management office (PMO). An internal or external PMO is possible. Although there are various kinds of PMOs, they can also be referred to as a program or project portfolio management office. Let’s simply outline the distinctions :

  • Project Management Office: Standardizes the project-related management procedures while providing administrative assistance for the project management team.
  • Program Management Office: Oversees the program management team’s operations while managing the program governance process.
  • Portfolio Management Office: The project portfolio management office assists the project and program management offices and manages all of the organization’s projects and programs.

A project management office maintains project records and provides guidance and important indicators for the execution of the projects that fall under its purview. The PMO provides direction to businesses so they may increase their return on investment and benefit their stakeholders through projects, programs, and portfolios. Project portfolio management solutions, which offer information and insights into projects and programs throughout a business, are used to carry out this.

The PMO’s attention is not necessarily limited to project management best practices and standards. By facilitating or even owning the project portfolio management process, they may also participate in strategic project management. In this role, they might support strategic decision-making by keeping an eye on and reporting on ongoing projects and portfolios to top-level management. A project management office serves as a centralized and coordinated management center for all projects with the purpose of streamlining communication and collaboration between them as well as setting standards for the project management process as a whole.

What is a PMO Software ?

When structuring a project, program, or portfolio under the control of a project management office, PMO software is utilized to generate efficiency. Every stage of the project is covered by this, including the beginning, planning, carrying out, monitoring, and ending. Its features include reporting for business insights, analytics, tracking, planning, resource allocation, prioritizing, and scheduling. Software for project management also complies with industry and organizational norms.

PMO software has to be adaptable and versatile in order to meet stakeholder expectations. It should have features for collaboration as well as team management and analysis. A PMO project management tool should have:

  • Various project management approaches need distinct project management tools.
  • Tools for project management that support collaboration while managing and analyzing teams.
  • Characteristics for resource management
  • Features of program and project portfolio management.

The new UI of AI based Baseline PMO Software

AI based Baseline PMO is a cloud based software which helps you to manage your PMO more effectively. You can manage your project, resource, Risk, Issue, milestone, WBS, change logs, Extension requests, project budgeting and many others in a single tool

You will also get system generated reports and can export them as well. It has released its updated version on 27th July, 2022 which comes with some new & exciting features. Some of the features are given below for your reference :

  • Built-in AI to learn your Patterns and help you with process
  • Dashboard Overview for Master Sponsor, Sponsor, Project Manager & Users
  • Create & Import Projects & WBS with CSV from other Project Management Software
  • Automatic WBS Creation with Pre-Built Templates
  • Import Bulk Resources from other software through CSV
  • Create Change Control Board for Approval & Monitoring Risks, Change Requests
  • Drag & Drop Kanban Board to manage tasks at ease
  • Google Calendar sync for Tasks
  • Project Time/ Project Budget/ Task time Extension Request
  • Complete Document Management system with Google Drive sync 
  • Manage project wise Lesson Learned for Tasks (STOP, CONTINUE, START)
  • Real Time Reporting for Projects, Milestones, Resource Utilization with required Audit Trials
  • Project Budgeting with Actual vs Planned Visually & Currency choosing option
  • Backlog Manager helps you to add a Backlog and transfer it as a new task depending on the decision.

There are four different roles in the software:

  • Master Sponsor 
  • Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • User

Create WBS:

There are three ways to create WBS. They are mentioned below :

  • Import Project WBS
  • WBS Wizard ( Ready Template )
  • Clone Project 

As a project manager you will get a comprehensive dashboard for your projects & overall activities. You can create & import WBS from other tools as well. Creating Milestones, tasks, sub tasks and assigning them to the users can be done from WBS as well . 

You can set dependency among multiple tasks and from the timeline view it can be seen as well. The Critical Path & Exporting option is available in three different formats.

Project Builder :

New section “Category” has been added in the project building option. So that one can filter the projects in different sub sections.

Project Budgeting:

In the budgeting section you can check the planned total vs actual total.

Kanban Board :

There are 3 types of Kanban Board in AI Based Baseline PMO Software. 

  • My Kanban Board
  • Project Kanban Board
  • Team Kanban Board

PMOs have several projects to oversee. These initiatives don’t exist in a vacuum; most of them work well together. Because of this, it’s essential that PMO software offers a portfolio view that allows you to see all of your projects at once and immediately identify how they relate to one another.

We provide a variety of project views, including a tool that gives you a broad overview of all your projects. You may group and arrange them however you like, drag and drop them into existing files, or make brand-new folders for each client who needs more particular care.

Our platform provides PMOs with both broad and detailed project perspectives. Project parameters are tracked in real-time via a dashboard that displays progress in vibrant, shareable graphs and charts. With automatic reporting on progress, tasks, and timeframes, you may obtain more precise data.

Conclusions regarding PMOs:

As was already mentioned, choosing the appropriate individual to promote a PMO is crucial to its success. They may occasionally need to demand controversial changes, therefore having management support and having their roles and duties clearly defined is the only way for them to succeed. Then there’s the culture in the organization, and it will likely take time for the project management office to settle into this establishment smoothly. For this transition to occur successfully there must be transparency in the project environment. Therefore, how transparency is applied in the company culture is going to either help or be a hurdle.

However, once the PMO is in place and starting to help your projects, you’ll realize that it is a crucial component of the company as a whole. Project managers who might not always see the big picture can get an overview from it to assist promote success and conduct better work for their organizations and teams.

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