11 Best Free Learning Management System for Small Business

best lms for small business

In this article, we are going to review best free learning management system for you. It will surely enhance your knowledge about e-learning management system and let you understand which features you need to see in your software.

In fact, Learning Management System is commonly referred to as LMS. This is because it makes sophisticated training more straightforward and more accessible. However, LMS is an application that can be hired to administer, manage, and deliver a good range of training programs, educational programs, or development programs. On any latest device, anyone can distribute, track, and also create from anywhere using LMS.

Apart from that, if small businesses and organizations have a few workforces or learners, they will feel more comfortable using the best free learning management software to a great extent.

Best LMS for small Business 

The consulting firms and many small businesses find LMS an excellent tool for training and staffing, extending schools and corporations who want to capture the progressive learning of their workforce better.

If you want to know more details about this fact, keep reading deeply. But, most importantly, the following parts of this informative article will absolutely provide you with core understanding and in-depth knowledge regarding the ten best free learning management system for small business; those are mentioned below:

1#. PMaspire Enterprise LMS

PMaspire Enterprise LMS is an innovative place where anyone can effortlessly manage their whole training program effectively and efficiently. In addition, however, PMaspire Enterprise LMS can help to control the consistent performance throughout the entire project.

The Key Features of PMaspire Enterprise LMS

  • Course builder
  • Certificate builder
  • Trainer portal
  • Student portal
  • White label
  • Admin panel
  • Performance analytics
  • Google Drive integration
  • Unlimited email support
  • Customer report
  • Assignment management
  • Zoom integration
  • AI admin dashboard
  • Classroom management
  • Video Manager
  • Package builder
  • Live chat support
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Video Tutorial

Button Enterprise Learning Management System LMS Overview

2#. Google Classroom Free LMS Systems

Google Classroom is a cloud-based learning management system for small institutions/businesses, entirely dedicated to enhancing collaboration between trainers and learners for K-12 and higher education. However, G-suite and classrooms are free for built-in institutes with numerous levels of protection.

Trainers can form, write, and post assignments, handouts on the classwork pages, activities, etc. Moreover, educators can view to manage learners along with their parents and other co-instructors on the public page. On the contrary, learners can effortlessly submit and schedule their assignments and can easily access all course resources.

Last but not least, it mainly integrates with all Google products and software, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slideshow, Google Spreadsheet, and Google Calendar for any small business.

The Key Features of Google Classroom LMS

  • Hypothetical / Tutoring
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Combined Learning
  • Built-in course writing
  • Commercial / Professional
  • Gamification
  • Beginner portal
  • Transportable learning
  • SCOMR compliance
  • Harmonization learning
  • Doing E-commerce
  • Video conferencing

Free LMS (Learning Management System)

3#. Talent LMS

Apparently, Talent LMS makes it simpler and reinforces the entire training procedure by assisting the users in doing more than generating courses and organizing informative materials for any small business. However, this free LMS is perfect for training the employees of small businesses online.

In addition, it acts as a highly cloud-hosted customizable learning management system that can support the users smoothly through managing the online courses, seminars, and training programs.

With just a few clicks, this LMS method is prepared to service you by offering the training of your wish. Simply put, this software can also support the various file categories properly. Moreover, it has the necessary built-in tools to assist all and sundry involved.

Furthermore, Talent LMS is basically designed for small businesses of all dimensions that can have faith in educating the employees to enhance their careers. The structure is made with great conferencing features and also gamification competencies. You may access the courses and seminars anytime and anywhere because the design is fully mobile-responsive.

The Key Features of Talent LMS

  • Course approval
  • Custom field & Custom branding
  • Test engine
  • Custom reports and custom homepages
  • Organizational report
  • Course series
  • Displaying transcripts
  • E-Learning & training
  • Amalgamation API
  • Supporting the mobile users
  • LMS Open market
  • Interface
  • Registering overall management
  • Planning individually
  • Exchanging Files
  • Email integration
  • Grading & Testing
  • Defined the user role
  • Data export/ import
  • Supporting ILT
  • Goal-line setting
  • Rating

4#. Forma free LMS for business

It is an open-source and free learning management system that typically emphasizes corporate and small business training prerequisites like as- consistency, automated actions, and talent management. Moreover, Forma LMS has been technologically advanced by a network of businesses and is aimed at large, small, and consulting businesses.

However, it is intuitive and simple, which is generally designed for new small businesses. You can conduct and also provide virtual training courses from this type of web-based learning stage. For a better user experience, Forma LMS presents a responsive and up-to-date layout for small businesses.

The system can generate PDF certificates automatically. In addition, with diverse supervisors, the software can effortlessly manage several clients or brands from only a single installation—the extensive set of preferences that allows appropriate collaboration and learning. Here’s our free resource on difference between training and development, you can check now.

Apart from that, anyone can conduct their small business through training courses, locations, calendars, and attendance using this great software. In addition, built-in efficiency gap analysis can monitor the user growth of your small business.

The Key Features of Forma LMS

  • Involved user experience
  • Wide-ranging e-learning
  • Flexible user supervision
  • Exceptional reporting method
  • Talent management
  • Managing multiple clients
  • Conducting training courses efficiently
  • Integrated certification method
  • Video conferencing incorporation
  • Expanding with plug-ins
  • An approachable user crossing point
  • API combination
  • Aptitudes and roles
  • Native e-commerce functionality

LMS systems for business

5#. Opigno LMS for small Businesses

Opigno is an open-source learning management system. Users will be able to handle their virtual training using this free software. In addition, it powerfully can ensure that the core skills of partners and employees of small business will absolutely keep on up-to-date.

By contrast, Opigno LMS can be used in a good range of small business fields like as-luxury products, commercial services, big or small industry, and a few business management sectors.

It delivers reliable and fast client support. By using Opigno LMS, you can enjoy e-learning stages in case of all sizes. The core of this LMS is mean and lean. It provides supple building blocks and APIs to make a custom e-learning method, especially for small businesses. The default parts included in this system are basically for learners, professional trainers, and managers of small businesses.

On the other hand, if you want to start a virtual small training business, you can genuinely depend on this software or look for a reliable and scalable tool to train your clients and partners. Employees of your small business, then this LMS software is more suitable for your ultimate needs.

The Key Features of Opigno LMS

  • Flexible access regulator
  • Course-specific and global forums
  • H5P Technology
  • Embeddable teamwork levels
  • Browser stack
  • Worldwide calendar
  • Roles and regulations management
  • Overall training activities management
  • Mixture
  • Reporting rapidly
  • Cooperative tools
  • E-commerce
  • High protection
  • Asynchronous self-propelled
  • Diversified learning
  • Formal instruction
  • Maintaining business/ corporate culture
  • Gamification
  • SCRM consent
  • Video conferencing
  • User role, verification, account, and membership

6#. EduBrite learning management systems for businesses

Edubrite is a confidentially held technical start-up which is situated in Silicon Valley, California. It usually affords a SAAS-based virtual learning stage that can enable various small businesses and training institutions to provide end-to-end training resolutions to their partners, clients, and also employees.

The Key Features of EduBrite LMS

  • Unique platform
  • Allowing all the users
  • Generating quizzes, surveys, and courses
  • Using the virtual editor
  • Importing the existing presentations, videos, and documents.
  • Tracking all sorts of learning activities.
  • Providing dynamic reports

7#. Thought Industries training software for small business

In fact, Thought Industries is a B2B (Business to Business) LMS application that is generally designed to assist a good range of big/small businesses like as- software, management consulting, manufacturing, education, professional coaching, and training.

There are numerous software packages available for small businesses, such as arranging the business’s primary service platform and 90 days’ course training for the employees. Plus, providing a complete QA review of the website of your small business.

Finally, the main goal of Thought Industries LMS is to contribute in terms of powering any small business for learning and leading.

The Key Features of Thought Industries

  • Completely white labels
  • Mobile-friendly page creators and microsites
  • Salesforce combination
  • Managing e-commerce website
  • 360-degree broadcasting
  • B2B content authorizing
  • Webinar additions
  • In-depth analytics & reporting files rapidly
  • Providing premium services
  • Offering complete access to the project team
  • Accessing the graphic design section
  • Gaining access to marketing advice

8#. Absorb LMS systems for small business

Absorb LMS is a robust cloud-based LMS application that has been designed to create and handle several training programs for external and internal stakeholders, nonprofits agencies, big/small businesses, government assistance, and supervisions to a great extent.

However, Absorb LMS has an excellent client service team, management services, and information security. It also leads to AWS servers around the world towards more reliable and top-performing global training programs.

The Key Features of Absorb LMS

  • Offering a complete & combined e-commerce module
  • Monitoring checklist
  • Facilitating the core process
  • Verifying qualified staffs of your business
  • Collections of e-learning article/content
  • Enhancing any small/ big business learning experience
  • Improving business productivity

free learning management system

9#. Open edX small Business LMS

Open ADX is a free-source platform initially co-founded by Harvard and MIT University, empowering the edx.org creativity. Thousands of top-quality instructors lead it from hundreds of top global businesses, including small/big businesses. It is basically a one-stop resolution for accessing automated virtual courses and degree programs as well.

The Key Features of Open edX

  • Having an open ADX learning management system
  • Accessing Curriculum Enrollment
  • Examination of Course Statistics
  • Manual Enrollment
  • Grade Book Management
  • Cooperative Tools

10#. JollyDeck lms for small business

JollyDeck LMS is the perfect e-learning for the employees and a fast analytics tool for any small business category.

Additionally, it is a compelling performance supervision platform. We create software that allows small businesses to make and provide advanced e-learning experiences. We offer resolutions in compliance training, onboarding, performance management, and other areas.

Apart from that, JollyDeck LMS is an easy-to-use authorization tool that enables your business to create rich content on several small business issues, professional courses, checklists, quizzes, and so on. In addition, the built-in teamwork feature typically allows you to share your business content for reviewing with various business investors before publishing the content.

The Key Features of JollyDeck LMS

  • Automating your daily routines
  • Providing real-time analysis
  • Reducing the complexity of your learning activities
  • Seamlessly integrating
  • Participating with a host
  • Using exterior methods

11#. eLucid best lms for small business

In fact, eLucid is an exclusive LMS that helps any small business to create and maintain a learning culture about business through a broad group of features. It is mainly built for serious business learning and also for small business expansion environments.

For the experts, creating professional courses are more accessible with its quick writing tools, while the staff is employed using different collaborative practices.

Finally, it is one of the best free LMS software for any small business or educational institution looking to set up a new LMS for their employees’ best training and learning programs.

The Key Features of eLucid LMS

  • Helping various small businesses
  • Building a good habit over gamification
  • Game-based learning
  • Giving the manager a bright insight on the employee performance
  • Detailed reporting and analysis.

best lms for small business

Why Should You Choose PMaspire Best Free Learning Management System?

In a word to say, you should pick out PMaspire Enterprise LMS among the rest of the applications mentioned above for managing your work professionally because this LMS can powerfully focus on the learner’s better experience both in terms of content and context.

The Main Points for Selecting PMaspire Enterprise LMS

  • Focusing on the organizational tasks
  • Assisting your business in multiple ways
  • Supporting your business through numerous factors
  • Learning management system of the future
  • Prolonged enterprise LMS
  • Solving many issues quickly
  • Creating customizable training programs
  • Cloud-Based LMS
  • Generating the superb courses

Button Enterprise Learning Management System LMS Overview

In Conclusion

To sum up, the whole thing, a learning management system is an application tool that usually meets the learning requirements of a big or small business.

From small, intermediate to big businesses, balancing an effective learning ecosystem has already become a primary need nowadays. By delivering a centralized center for course management, employees, trainers & training, virtual communication management, and e-learning in any small business, LMS satisfies all of the crucial needs for your business.

At present, several small businesses are looking for an integrated learning application that should be specified for a learning management system correctly. However, there are various preferences in the market for learning small business management systems, and companies may choose the most proper fit application for their business needs. The main benefits of using and adopting the best free learning management system will soon be reflected positively in your small business’s work performance.

Thus, LMS is an hourly requirement for all small businesses to stay more dynamic in the competitive marketplaces. We hope from the list of the best free learning management system, you can easily choose the right one for you. We recommend choosing PMaspire Enterprise LMS System for best results.