How to Choice Best PMP Exam Simulator based on PMBOK®GUIDE Sixth Edition

Best PMP Exam Simulator based on PMBOK®GUIDE Sixth Edition

How to Choice Best PMP Exam Simulator based on PMBOK® GUIDE Sixth Edition

What makes you a credible and authentic project manager? It’s certainly not the number of hours you spend in your office or the number of people working under you but an internationally recognized credential which makes you one. The Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is the ultimate mark of your education and professional experience. As an aspiring genuine project manager, you need to achieve maximum score by solving the 200 MCQs spanning across various project management sections like Project Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling and Closing; that too in a 4-hour time. Hence, to be competent enough and throw a neck-to-neck competition to your colleagues and industry peers, you have to stand apart in your preparation. And to ensure that you are capable of doing it, you must take help of the Best PMP® Exam Simulator.

At PMaspire, you shall be benefited by its easy-to-use interface, subject-specific approach and extraordinary features only to find your name as a certified PMP® in the near future. Here are few ways how PMaspire prepares you for the real battle.

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  1. Enjoy Actual Examination-like Situation

The Best PMP exam simulator has a user module, similar to the actual exam. While taking the test, you actually become accustomed to the real exam-like situation and gain more confidence in answering the MCQs. With exam-like test modules and support, it gives you a complete scenario of the PMP® examination.

  1. Cloud Simulator

The best part about PMaspire is that all its test papers lie on a cloud platform. Once you enroll yourself for its tests, you automatically get the access credentials to the important files in the cloud database and can read them or asses your performance on-the-go. With PMaspire, you can do away with the extra effort of downloading files and saving them in your desktops. All that you need to do is simply login to the database, fetch your requisite materials and keep preparing.

  1. Full-Length Test Papers (

Any examination is a matter of time and solving the actual number of questions. PMaspire goes a long way in framing 200 MCQs, which you will be solving in your examination hall. As you solve the papers, you get an idea about your existing speed and accuracy. Thereafter, you can take proper measures to improve your capability, minimize time and reduce errors. Solving all the questions in a time-bound manner is what you learn from PMaspire PMP® Exam test papers.

  1. Get Exam Analytics

After solving the questions, just knowing the right and the wrong answers are not sufficient. You also need to know the proper explanations behind the answers and why certain options can or cannot be correct. PMaspire enables you to have a complete analysis by presenting a detailed reason for the answers. Besides this, it also offers the PMBOK® Guide’s latest sixth version for the upcoming 4 years wherever required. With this, you not only know the right option but also develop your concepts and improvise your knowledge in your weaker sections.

  1. Access to Study Materials

Not just exams but also important study materials is what you get from PMaspire. From math exercises to 49 process charts to other project management notes, you can study anything and everything from the simulator. While solving the exercises, you can also refer to the solutions to ensure that you are on the right track.

  1. Customized Exam Generators

Another unique trait of the Best PMP Exam Simulator is that it facilitates customized exam papers, meaning if you want to take a test only on Math or Organizational Planning, it can generate the relevant test papers and help you to improve in individual sections and not only the overall exam. This individual approach to each and every paper will definitely give you an extra edge to come out in flying colors.

  1. Experience Calculator

Lastly, the 4500 hours calculator tool helps you to account your project experience and make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria.

  1. Performance Analytics

Performance analytics module is a great addition of PMaspire PMP® Exam Simulator. Simulator automatically analyze the student performance and generate the graph which depicts the readiness to sit for the real PMP® Exam.

To offer a cherry on a cake, PMaspire has also come up with an exclusive FREE trial of PMP® exam simulator. Try it, if you like the tests only then go for it.

With all the above attributes, PMaspire PMP® Exam Simulator is a comprehensive platform where you study, give exams, access notes, analyze your performance and stress on individual sections to attain the maximum score in the PMP® examination.

All the best to the budding Project Managers!!!


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