Difference Between Training and Development [Expert Opinion]

Difference between Training and Development

What is the difference between training and development? Is it worth discussing it? Well, when you get hired by a company, you are supposed to learn the corporate culture. One of the traditional corporate cultures that most firms follow is the training and development sessions employees have to undergo.

Hence, you need to understand the difference between training and development and its importance.

Difference Between Training and Development

Discussed below are some of the significant differences between training and development.

  • A business entity always tends to train its employees for short-term purposes. So, the employee will be able to do their job accordingly for however long they stay in the firm as agreed in the employment agreement contract.

On the other hand, a business will desire the development for long-term purposes. A firm definitely should take initiatives and plan strategies that will help the business expand and develop over time – usually years. Companies also invest in certain employees who they want to develop professionally.

  • Training will help an employee to specialize and develop their skills and knowledge for one specific job. On the other hand, the development will help an employee to work on their progress overall. Unlike training, the development will not merely focus on a specific job role; instead, it will help an employee seek and pursue a professional career as an all-rounder.
  • In training, employees are often guided to focus on specific objectives. They are trained to learn a skill that will help them further in their job. These skill-sets will help the company they are working at.

However, development isn’t only about the company or the organization. In development, an employee is guided to focus on open-end objectives. These objectives can vary and change over time and are often set to achieve over a while. The employee will improve and gain knowledge and skills that will help the company and their personal growth.

  • A company will organize training sessions. In these sessions, a group of employees will be taught company-required skills by a mentor. On the other hand, development is done via one-on-one sessions. In development programs, an employee is given lessons and taught essential knowledge individually, and they are responsible for their progress.

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Training vs. Development Comparison Chart

Motivation Involved in Training

Motivation Involved in Development

Training Is for Short term

Development Is for Long Term

Training Is for Job position

Development Is for Professional Career

Training Is for Specific objectives

Development Is for Open objectives

Training Typically Consists of Group

Development Typically Done Individually

What is Training?

Training is an educational activity provided in the workplace to help employees learn and acquire new knowledge or skills to perform specific tasks to increase work efficiency. This is a short-term goal.

Aims and Objectives of Training

There are several aims of training; however, the four main aims are listed below.

  1. Employees can specialize in one or more divisions of labor.
  2. The Employees’ motivation to increase their efficiency and job performance might increase.
  3. Employees will be more knowledgeable and aware of different job requirements.
  4. The company’s performance and productivity will increase.

Below is a list of few objectives of training.

  • Employees will gain job-related knowledge.
  • It will help employees from different hierarchies and departments to work together and cooperate.
  • Will improve employees and the organization’s productivity.
  • Employees will be well prepared for a promotion or acquire a better position somewhere else with more skills, and that is their forte.

Number of People Involved in Training

It has been noted that according to statistics, annually, approximately 41 890 employees are trained on average. Companies hire both full-time and part-time trainers depending upon how many employees they need to train. If a company has thousands of employees to train, they will hire around 15 trainers per thousand employees.

Therefore, training is usually done in groups and mentored by one or more trainers.

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Orientation of Training

  • Welcome the new employees.
  • Explain to the employees the compensation, benefits, and other incentives they will receive from the company.
  • Ask the employees to complete all necessary and essential paperwork.
  • Explain to the employees about the company policy regarding attendance and leaves.
  • Introduce all the safety and security measures taken by the company.
  • Familiarize employees with company rules and policies, such as dress code, anti-harassment, social media, etc.
  • If there are any extra training sessions, inform employees about them and how they might benefit them.
  • Conduct a Q&A session.

Focus Point of Training

Focus Point of training means when a company focuses on one specific aspect or detail in the training session. The company wants the employees, or the trainees, to expertise or focus on that aspect during a training session.

Terms of Training

Training lasts for a short period. This could be anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks, as the training aims to make employees learn one or a few skills.

Training and Development

What is Development?

Development is an educational program provided by companies to help a handful of employees enhance their career and professional advancement and personal growth. This is a long-term goal.

Aims and Objectives of Development

The aims and objectives of development, unlike training, are simple. The main target is to equip the employee undergoing the development sessions with skills and knowledge to handle company work, understand the core dynamic of how the company operates, and handle the same company’s future challenges.

Number of People Involved in Development

Unlike training, in the development program, the number of people is drastically fewer. While training is usually conducted in a group, development is done in one-on-one sessions.

The employee who is considered a good candidate for going through the development process is put through an education program that challenges and helps them become a better person. This improvement is both professional and personal.

Orientation of Development

Orientation of development is quite simple. Instead of going through several training sessions, the individual will only have to go through one. In development, often people try to learn any new skills also explore the entire skill-field and you should choose a skill where you already have strong premise.

Focus Point of Development

The focus point of development is to ensure the individual acquires enough knowledge and skills about different issues. This will help them take care of the future tasks correctly, and they can also use the newly acquired skills to do their work more efficiently both in the present and in the future.

Terms of Development

The development program is a long-term session. This is a slow process to ensure gradual progress. This could last anywhere from months to years.

As the focus of development is to let the individual learn skills that will benefit the employee and the company in the long term. It is a long-term process and one should have enough patience to develop any skill.

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Key Differences Between Training and Development

In a nutshell, the key differences between training and development are that training takes place to help a group of employees learn new skills to ensure efficient work performance and is conducted for a short time.

On the other hand, development takes place to help the chosen employee(s) gain knowledge and skills to deal with present and future challenges and understand how the company operates. It is a long-term process that anyone can complete in a one-on-one session.

FAQ: Differences Between Training and Development

Many people are asking about the different between training and development as well as they are thriving to understand it. So, according to the question from many people, we are going to present the most popular questions and answers along with it.

What is the Difference Between Training and Development?

Training happens group-wise which means, there will be other team members who will learn with you under the same course or training program. On the other hand, development totally depends on personal inspiration to improve yourself, and in this development process, there will be no one but you. You will plan your actions to improve any of your skills or learn new skills.

What is the Meaning of Training and Development?

Training is a program for employees to learn new skills for better work performance, while development is a program for their personal and professional growth.

What is the Relationship Between Training and Development?

Training & development both helps the employees to enhance their skills to perform better. Employers also get inspiration to the future development of their business from training and development. Training and developments are related with each other because both work for improve the performance of employee and employers together.

What are the Examples of Training and Development?

An example of training includes mentoring to use new software. An example of development includes handling projects as a leader.

To Conclude: Difference Between Training and Development

Training and development are both equally critical educational programs in the corporate world. Do not think for one minute that one is better than the other or that they won’t benefit you in any way. You must understand that the corporate world, just like the rest of the world, is changing constantly and rapidly. Thus, learning everything new to keep up with the change is vital.

Training and development sessions will also ensure that you gain a new set of skills and knowledge to open up new career opportunities for you. You can apply for jobs that will benefit you further and can quickly get hired. Hence, you should know the difference between training and development. These two programs are definitely, life-changing opportunities.