Employee Training and Assessment as a Service [e-TAS]


Today employee retention is a constant struggle. While everyone is focused on compensation and incentives smart companies are increasing retention using a secret weapon learning !


A Learning team is engaged and engaged team members stay with their companies ! That’s why PMaspire eTAS learning offers a complete solution for continuous employee development. Enterprise Employee Training and Assessment as a Service [e-TAS] is a Training and Assessment Simulation applications over the Internet—as a service. As part of the eTAS model, we offer Employee Training and Assessment as Pay-Per-User model or enterprise license for bulk users.





What We Can Do For You?

PMaspire can work with your organisation to develop these common types of Employee Training and competency assessments:


  • Skills checklists: Skills checklists may be used for apprenticeship, mentorship, and on-the-job training programs where employees note their progress in achieving the desired job performance.
  • Competency assessment tests: Competency assessments tests can be used as the basis for certification in an occupation, for performance management, and for the validation of knowledge and skills.
  • Online competency assessments: Lists of job skills combined with performance standards are well suited to be delivered as online competency assessments.
  • Competency-based interviews: These are effective means of screening candidates who qualify for the job by targeting the specific competencies required for the position.
  • Skills gap analysis: Skills gap analyses can identify gaps in training programs and employees’ skills.
  • Competency assessment for recruitment: Self-assessment test (sometimes validated by a second party) to determine if a candidate has the skills necessary to perform on the job.

Employee Learning Tracker

Employee Learning Tracker


  • Add your own content, create your own package, integrate payment system and sell at your own
  • A hosted, branded version of EMPLOYEE TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT LICENSE relied by students, exam takers and employers across the globe.
  • Private web address – http://YOURCOMPANY.com
  • Easily register students with your own branded exam prep site
  • Includes training simulator, Partner Simulator
  • View student performance, create custom tests and more
  • Student access from any web browser or mobile device, with nothing to download
  • Personalized reports track student performance
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To know more about e-TAS or have any queries, please write email to partner@pmaspire.com