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Agile practices bring collaboration, feedback and continuous improvement to the development cycle, resulting in more responsive and adaptive organizations. Agile adoption, however, requires considerable planning and change management to be successful


The agile transformation definition is as an act of transforming an organization’s form or nature gradually to one that is able to embrace and thrive in a flexible, collaborative, self-organizing, fast changing environment. The Agile Manifesto values and principles can be taught and exercised throughout any type of organization, as it does not just apply to development teams.


The entire organization needs to understand the definition of an agile transformation and the value of it in order to benefit from the rewards of achieving true, healthy agility. The complete cultural and organizational mind set must change to one that embraces a culture of self-organization and collaboration.


Why Agile Transformation?

Why Agile Transformation?

How We Partner With You…


PMaspire provides a holistic approach to implementing agile methodologies by focusing on all levels of the organization. We assure a top-down agile alignment that works in combination with our team training and coaching.


  • Assessment: We assess the readiness and baseline skill set of your organization, delivery team, and management or leadership team.
  • Pilot Project(s): Whether for enterprise adoption or product team engagements, we recommend a pilot project to test the approach and current state of readiness.
  • Organizational Expansion: When the goal is a larger or complete adoption, the next step is to strategically expand our reach into the organization and delivery teams.
  • Sustainability: Once metrics are in place and teams or organizations have met their adoption goals, it’s time to decrease reliance on external support.


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