Brand-New UI, Brand-New Experience with PMaspire Training Simulator
for your PM Training to Next Step

We believe, when you are managing PM (Project Management) Training Programs, You consider the following facts…
  • Uploading the Training Contents
  • Enrolling Candidates Creating Groups & Assign courses
  • Giving Access to participants for specified time
  • Train the participants
  • Checking Exam Records
  • Monitoring performance
  • Sharing preloaded materials
Doing all these might give you a lot of Unnecessary Doubts & sometimes it’s hectic due to Manual Dependencies which fails the Success of Your Training Programs

So, prioritizing the User-Experience, Expectations and considering all the challenges of the Trainers, we have introduced the Brand-New UI in the PMaspire PM Training Simulator

With the new PM Training Simulator, you have access to everything you need to make it a successful PM Training program. Our Training Simulator helps globally, the Trainers like You, to have Pre-configured Model Exams & add new Questions as needed, Supports Co-Branding, Assign Quizzes to groups of students and Monitor Real-Time the Results. Also, you can get the best from our Performance Analytics module which helps You as a Trainer and your Students to be on Track.

This is just the beginning of a new era of PM Training programs. And we cannot wait to be a part of your successful journey. Join our partner program Today and use the best PM Training Simulator now by PMaspire