Featured PMP® Success Story from Doaa Palestine PMP



Featured PMP® Success Story from Doaa PMP from Palestine 


When did You decide to get PMP certification?

During my MSc Studies in architectural engineering, at that time I was the deputy direct director of a consulting office.



What was your overall strategy?

  • Created my own study plan (monthly) & dates according to my liability
  • Reading the training institute notes.
  • Referring to Pmbok Pdf when needed.
  • Solving as many questions as possible.
  • Joining Facebook groups and reading all their posts (either notes, explanations, questions)
  • Created my own notes.


Which PMP Simulator You have used and how did it help you?

I tried the free Mock exams and scored 80 %


What are the Challenges and hurdles you have faced during your PMP journey?

  • Finding the most accurate answer.
  • Connecting the knowledge areas together as a whole piece.
  • Understanding Pmp thinking strategy
  • Time management when solving questions.


How was your PMP Certification Exam Day?

Location: Normal examination place with too many security and checking actions Date: 11/10/ 2016 Day Wednesday Time at 11 am, your first experience about PMPÒ exam Interface, slow letters shown big on screen did you take any break in my place, some eye relaxing exercises, mark or unmark question etc. marked 10 questions referred to 2 questions only)


How much actual effort you have put to pass PMP?

I took a 2month preparing course and studied for 2 other months (between 4 to 5 hours daily) With breaks


What happened next after passing the exam?

I become a great problem solver, understanding issues faster than before


How are you improving your community?

  • Sharing knowledge with whoever need help on PMP
  • Share information.
  • Introduce my colleagues to the principles of PMP thinking
  • Managing teams efficiently.
  • Dealing with the Known and unknown threats and possibilities

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