Featured PMP® Success Story from Sazedul Islam PMP



Featured PMP® Success Story from Sazedul Islam PMP

Sazedul Islam PMP is an inspiring character for all the PMP® aspirants who wish to pursue career in Project Management with hard word, dedication and commitment. Sazedul has passed PMP® on April 03, 2017 and below is his success story.


When did You decide to get PMP® certification?


I decided to get my PMP certification in 2016. I was working at Airtel Bangladesh Limited as a Key Account Manager at that time. I was working on telecommunication marketing projects and having significant project experience. My main expertise was in the developing various marketing campaign, business development, business planning and distributed team Management. The company was good, benefits were good and I was happy with being part of a multinational company. However, I did not want to pursue my career as only sales and marketing guy. I wanted to be a project manager. No doubt, PMP certification is the most popular project manager certification around the world.


How did your PMP® training help you?


PMP exam required project management experience along with 35hrs education. When I decided to sit for the PMP exam, one of my friend suggest me to attend the educational course in PMaspire and said me that this is the best institute for PMP training in Asia. With her positive feedback I enrolled PMP training in PMaspire.


Theoretical overview, group discussion, group exercise and other course materials of this training help me to understand the PMP exam preparation guided me to develop my study plan.


What was your overall strategy?


PMBOK®GUIDE has 13 chapters in total. I aimed to complete 2 chapter or knowledge areas each week.  Sparing 10-12 hours each week for the PMP certification study is reasonable. When I was preparing for the PMP certification exam, I took my own notes for each chapter.


Which PMP® Simulator You have used and how did it help you? 

After I completed each chapter or knowledge area, I was solving PMP exam questions related to the chapter I completed. I have used PMaspire PMP simulator and it has 3000+ high quality questions, chapter wise practice, generate own model exam, super PM, flash card, study plan, Dictionary etc. This part is critical. I was taking notes for the mistakes I made. This simulator helps me to reduce my knowledge gap and boost up my confidence level.


What are the Challenges and hurdles you have faced during your PMP® journey?


As this was new framework to me and lots of situational questions are over there, I had to practice many times and read PMBOK more than 5 times. PMaspire 13 simulation exam help me a lot in this case. It gives real time experience of the exam.


How was your PMP® Certification Exam Day?


I took my PMP certification exam in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was 3rd April 2017.

My PMP exam was scheduled at 13:30, however, Dhaka is a busy city and you never know when you will hit a traffic jam. Therefore, I arrived to the exam center at 12:00 and waited for my PMP certification exam hour.


Before the PMP® certification exam, there are basic tutorials about how you will use exam system. Take your time to practice and if you are excited, use this time to calm down. I write down all the 47 process in the beginning of the exam then started answering the question. You can take a break during your PMP exam but keep in mind that these breaks will count on your time. I took only one 5 minutes break when I was at 100th question.


Mark the questions you are not sure during the exam. Once you complete all of your questions, go through your marked questions. As I had practice before this in PMaspire Stimulator, it was quite easy for me. In the end, after four hours of exam duration, you will see your results.


How much actual effort you have put to pass PMP®?


I have spent about 150 quality hours [effort] in 3 months duration to pass the exam.


My PMP® certification exam results & PMP® certification (Pic of your certificate)



Once you click on to complete your PMP® certification exam, you will be able to see your results.


Finally, after 3 months of preparation, I passed the PMP®!

Following were my PMP® certification exam results.


How are you improving your community?

After passing the exam I got engage with local chapter and attend various workshop to help my community by enriching other professionals’ life

PMP Success Story


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