PMP or Project Management Professional exam is an internationally recognized examination that usually takes place online. The Project Management Institution takes this test. Over 50,000 candidates have successfully taken the PMP examination in 2020.

Know all about the PMP examination. Practice with 200 free PMP exam questions and solutions here.

What is PMP?

Project Management Professional (PMP) is an industry-recognized certification for Project Managers. To lead a project, one needs education, skill, experience, and expertise in project management. This test validates knowledge on managing projects.

CIO Magazine tanked PMP as the top certification for project management as it proves your skill that employers are looking for.

Who Needs PMP? And Why?

PMP certification is valuable for your career. If you want to climb your project management career ladder, you must prepare to sit for this exam. It validates your skills to manage projects. The employers get the assurance as well that they are hiring a qualified person.

A report shows that employees with PMP certification earn 25% more than non-PMP employees.

PMP Test Requirements

Before you register for the PMP exam, make sure you are eligible for the test. There are two sets of requirements needed for you to be eligible. They are the following:

Set 1:

Set 2:

Process for PMP

For any PMI exam, you need to fulfill the requirements and go through the following procedure.

• Eligibility

Your educational or experience level needs to meet the requirement. You have to fill up with your academic information on the application process.

• Application

You also to fill up the rest of the form. You must provide name, address, phone number, experience, education, or other required information.

• Application review

after submitting your form, PMI will review your application and see if you are eligible for the test. They will let you know in 5 to 10 days. If further information is needed, they will email you.

• Payment

After getting approval for the exam, you have to pay. You can pay through the online certification system of PMI. Once you pay for the test, you will get an eligibility number. You are eligible for the exam for one year. You can take the exam at most three times a year with retake fees.

• Schedule for Exam

your exam schedule will be sent to you through email. You will get your eligibility code and other information on the email in detail. You have to schedule your exam appointment. You can do that either through email or phone.


Exam fee:

Retake fee:

Renewal fee:

Test Module

PMP is a computer-based examination. PMI takes the Project Management Professional test based on five domains, and each domain tests your knowledge on a certain part. You will be judged for your knowledge and skills.

You will get 200 questions. Each question contains four choices. You have to choose the correct one of the four.

The duration of the PMP exam is 4 hours, with no breaks.

The domains and the percentage of the item on the test are the following:

Free PMP Practice Questions

The key to preparing for the PMP exam is to practice. The more you practice, the better you are going to get. Here is a PMP sample questions and answers set for you to practice. Every problem comes with four options to choose from. Complete the test within 4 hours.


If you got a good score in this exam, congratulations! Keep practicing until the exam day. If you have not scored too well, do not be hopeless. Keep practicing, and you will get better.

Practice as much as you can before scheduling for the exam. You can find many resources related to free PMP exam questions.