10 Best Tips To Pass The PMP® Exam On First Try

  1. Make sure to read PMBOK®GUIDE least twice – once in detail, once just skim through it.
  2. Attempt all the individual chapter tests in PMaspire PMP® Exam Simulator or any other good simulator which has this practice test.
  3. Enroll for as many question banks + mock tests you can, and try to take as many as you can early on. This will help you identify gaps in your learning and knowledge to help you focus better on your lacking areas.
  4. Make sure you review ALL your answers – correct and incorrect ones to solidify your understanding about the concepts.
  5. For ITTOs, download ITTO Trick Sheet available at PMASPIRE.COM. Read and write everyday to map the ITTOs. This will help you answer questions fast in the exam.
  6. Make a habit of creating dump sheets. This will help you a lot to quickly review information instead of skimming through long texts.
  7. If you have a smart phone download PMP® related applications to keep you engrossed while on the go. I found it quite effective to keep my mind active. I would recommend PMaspire PMP® Exam Simulator which is compatible to any device.
  8. Join one of the online PMP® forums to share your concerns, experiences and gain access to many resources of PMP® related information. It will help you interact with similar PMP aspirants, share your thoughts, express your queries and get more knowledge to help you prepare better.
  9. A day before the PMP® exam, relax, listen to some music, take a walk. You are not at war and this exam is not the last one you will take in your life! So chill out!
  10. On the day of the PMP® exam – be prepared to create a dump sheet of the math formulas + processes across the 10 knowledge areas / 5 process groups. Also be prepared to attempt 200 questions in 3 hours, and mark about 30-40 questions for review. That way you will have 50-55 minutes to review them at the end.


For more tips and tricks, please schedule a session with our Experienced PMP® Instructors.