Future of Project Management Software in Next 10 years

What is the project management industry’s outlook? Let’s take a peek at the future and see what will happen to project management software, careers, and the profession itself over the next ten years.

Does Project Management Have a Future?

There is a tendency toward projecting knowledge work, which means that more and more people are conducting project management as part of their regular jobs. So, in the future, would we still require “professional” project managers? individuals who only manage projects?

We believe we will because there will always be challenging tasks that call for a steady hand and a specific set of abilities to be brought to a successful completion. Businesses must immediately adapt to the increasingly global, digitalized, unpredictable, and speedy business environment and launch new services and products. The people who can make that happen are project managers.

We believe there is a future for project management.

Future of project management: Jobs

According to PMI, there will be a shortage of almost 88 million project-related workers by 2027. The need for project managers is growing on a global scale.

We believe PM has a point, despite the fact that it is an organization for project managers who forecast the significance of their own group and you do want to consider their statistics in context.

The project manager’s job is increasingly becoming a strategic leadership position for bringing about change within a company rather than just someone who can mark work as complete on a Gantt chart. Project management is far from becoming abolished.

Project Management Software: The Next Generation

It will be interesting to see how project management software develops. We assess a lot of PM software, but we rarely see businesses making significant strides toward innovative methods of carrying out traditional chores. Here are some project management style concerns for emerging technology.

5 themes for the future of project management software

  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • Human/machine collaboration
  • Mobile
  • Remote access
  • Blockchain

We must be aware of this and understand how to use digital resources to economize on project infrastructure, logistics, and data tracking.

More than 80% of businesses say they have hired someone with blockchain expertise or intend to do so in the upcoming 12 months. Could it be you there?

  • AI

Robotic processing will assist in automating typical PMO duties, and some project management solutions already include Awe functionality. 70% of firms, according to Deloitte, are investigating or utilizing AI.

  • Human/machine collaboration

Beyond the advancements in Awe that we are witnessing, particularly in the PMO, we are not aware of how this might appear in a project scenario at this time. But it will happen. Jobs may also be impacted.

Although we continue to be optimistic about the function of the project manager, we believe that other occupations that you frequently contact with, like system testers, may be more vulnerable to automation.

This should free up humans from performing labor-intensive activities like system testing and elevate their role to one of knowledge leadership, raising the bar for the already-in-use tools.

  • Mobile

Although devices will become more powerful, most of the corresponding mobile applications still don’t have all the features of PM software. That needs to change.

  • Remote access

Tools and systems that can be accessed remotely and at home will become more and more crucial for those working from home offices. Therefore, connection and security must be available outside of headquarters.

Being able to work from home and achieve the work-life balance you’ve always wanted still depends on data security.

Resource Management: The Next Challenge

Despite all the discussion about the future of work and how project management will change, we still believe that there are some issues with the way we now operate.

Resource management and capacity planning, for instance, are not simple tasks. Because the desired solution depends on business adoption of software, project managers lack the tools to coordinate workload across teams efficiently.

Unfortunately, the resource planning difficulty won’t go away very soon unless we can get strategic support for professionally managing projects.

Organizations must take project delivery seriously if we are serious about enhancing project delivery and delivering strategically aligned initiatives that produce business value. And doing so entails taking the conversation to the board of directors rather than just top management.

The Chief Project Officer position has already been overdue, in my opinion. Initiatives would have a better chance of succeeding with executive oversight from individuals who genuinely grasp it – and fewer vanity projects would start.

The role of project managers in the future

Project management has a promising future. People who can bring about change are still in high demand. As our solutions take use of the technological advancements that are already available, we think that a lot of the tedious aspects of project management will eventually disappear.

PM will transition from being viewed by some executives as an administrative role to the strategic collaboration that it can be in any organization, not just in the enlightened companies with high levels of program management maturity.

  • Empathy
  • Strategic thinking
  • Fun
  • Creativity
  • Motivation and persuasion
  • Thoughtful customer service
  • Listening.

Looking forward: Summary

Project management changes as a result of the issues at work today. The change that we’re seeing at work is necessary given the nature of the task itself.

It takes more than the appropriate method to be efficient. It also means being able to lead more complicated work and resolve challenging challenges nearly on a daily basis as a team, not only as a project manager because the position is becoming too vast for one person to handle everything.

We are capable of doing it. We’re executing it. And the finest project managers always work to improve their techniques.