How Much Does Scrum Master Certification Cost [Expert Guide]

3 Person Discus about Scrum Master Certification Cost

How much does scrum master certification cost? In these recent years, the job markets are high demand for the Scrum Master Certificates. People are eagerly trying to get certified in the scrum master certification training exam. It will add a bonus to your CV. Many employers often look for this kind of certification in these corporate jobs. By achieving this, you can get a high amount of salaries for the certificate.

So don’t waste your time and get verified by a trustable organization. Trust us, and It will flourish your career path.

How Much does Scrum Master Certification Cost

The most common Scrum Master Certification costs from 1000 to 1200 dollars. It is the primary stage of the course. It needs renewal every two years. But there are also other options. We will give you all the information here in the later paragraphs. Stay with us.

What is Scrum Master Certification?

Scrum Master Certification, shortly called CSM, is a modern-day career path. It is an entry-level certification intended to provide professionals new to Scrum with a foundation in the project management approach.

Becoming scrum master in this digital era, you can skyrocket your career just where you want to. You need to prepare yourself and achieve the certification.

Scrum principles stress collaboration, commitment, and iterative success toward a well-defined target, and the qualification process helps applicants recognize them.

Scrum Master Certification Cost

Types of Scrum Master Certification

Here we briefly discussed six types of Scrum master certification.

1. Certified Scrum Master Certification

It is a widely used and known type of scrum master certification. To achieve the Certified Scrum Master Certification, you need to attend a 2-day class program. And the following day, you need to attend a test on the previous classes. As we mentioned, it is a 2-day course. It also has some extra rules and benefits. They are- every 2-years, you need to renew your certificate with just 100 dollars, within the 90 days of the classes, you need to sit for the test. You can take two attempts to pass the test.

2. Professional Scrum Master

It is a two-day course that discusses the Scrum framework’s concepts and methods, principles, as well as functions of a Scrum Master. Anyone who wants to demonstrate their fundamental degree of Scrum mastery should take the Professional Scrum Master examination.

3. SAFe Scrum Master

It is actually how the profession works and works with its understanding of the program. Read about the functions of a Scrum Master at the business level and how to successfully execute the Software Increment. To develop high-performing Agile teams, learn different approaches to being a servant leader and coach.

4. EXIN Agile Scrum Master

The qualification evaluates a Scrum Master’s ability to train, promote, and empower a cross-functional team. The EXIN Agile Scrum Master certification applies to practitioners in the areas of company administration, IT project management, product development, and IT service management.

5. Scrum Master Certified

It is handled by the organization named SCRUMstudy. It teaches the certified guiding, promoting, directing all the team members of the project.

6. Scrum Master Accredited Certification

It is an online test examination and can be taken from all over the world. It has a 98% of success rate.

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How Much does certified Scrum Master Certification cost?

Here is the list of EXIN Agile, PMI scrum master certification cost

Scrum Master Certification

Certification cost ($)

Renewal cost ($)

Certified Scrum Master Certification



Professional Scrum Master

350 for training

150 for examination

No cost, lifetime validity

SAFe Scrum Master

995-1295 for training

50 for each attempt

No cost, lifetime validity

EXIN Agile Scrum Master

260 examination cost


Scrum Master Certified


Scrum Master Accredited Certification


No cost, lifetime validity

How to choose the best Scrum Master Certification?

To choose the best option from the various options in the market, you must ask the following questions and notice if they are meeting your expectations to the fullest. The questions are-

  • From how long the governing body working in the market?
  • How many people got certified from the organization?
  • Search for enough customers’ testimonial and proof of satisfaction
  • What resources are being offered during the training session?
  • Are there enough opportunities after you get certified from the organization?
  • Are your potential employers interested in employing you in the near future?
  • Finally, use your intuition. Is the knowledge enough valued? Would it help you pursue your career?


We wish you a very successful career in this profession. These ideas and reflections will assist you in evaluating whether or not being a SCRUM master for project management positions is right for you. Please feel free to share your views on this credential and your experiences applying for jobs with companies that use SCRUM and Agile methods.

Best of luck!

FAQs on Scrum Certification cost

1. How much does it cost to become a certified Scrum Master?

There are different types of certified Scrum masters. They hold different costs according to their value in the market. Certified Scrum Master costs 1000 to 1400 dollars for 2-days training coverage. And its renewal costs 100 dollars which are needed every two years.

2. Is a Scrum Master certification worth it?

Companies are increasingly following Agile Scrum Methodology, and getting a Scrum Master Credential will help you stand out. Scrum Masters with hands-on training and certification bring an additional layer of authenticity to their resumes, which would attract recruiting managers. Yes, there are many benefits of being a Certified Scrum Master.

3. Is Scrum Master Certification difficult?

This is reflected in the CSM measure. It is not that scary or complicated if you pay attention in your tuition class, take notes, and have the Scrum Guide on hand. However, the PSM III certification is so hard to obtain because it requires the certificate holder to solve advanced, complicated problems in real-world Scrum applications. Before taking the PSM III, applicants should have a good understanding of Scrum and detailed experience of it.

4. What is a Certified Scrum Master certification?

The reputable Scrum Alliance provides the Certified Scrum Master Credential, which is an internationally recognized certification. Professionals who pass the CSM exam and demonstrate their knowledge of scrum language, procedures, and values are awarded this prestigious certification.

5. Which is better, PMP or Scrum Master?

The PMP is a widely recognized project management qualification. A scrum master directs and manages his or her staff, while a project manager works on tasks and handling related deadlines. You have learned squad positions, activities, and artifacts if you’ve earned a CSM. A CSM is a project manager that specializes in agile project management.

6. Is Scrum Master a good career path?

A Scrum Master’s career path is very clear and vivid, with a wide variety of possibilities, a lot to learn, and a lot of knowledge to pass on. You can be an agile coach, project owner, mentor, manager, transformation expert, leadership role, etc., if you can carry on and keep pace with the renewable knowledge of Scrum master, you will achieve something worth rooting for.

7. Can a fresher become Scrum Master?

A fresher can become a scrum master but usually needs education, coaching, and certification in scrum methods and concepts.


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