How to Achieve Personal and Professional Growth?

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How to Achieve Personal and Professional Growth?

Achieving PMP® Certification is not only an investment of time but also a good amount of money that is why most of the aspiring project managers are concerned about getting the right job for themselves.

If we look into the statistics then we will get to know, there will be 15.7 million new Project Management job opportunities by the end of 2020. Moreover, we foresee a $6.1 trillion growth in the industry’s track according to “PMI. Talent Gap: Project Management through 2020” data and an increase of 37% in the output of project intensive industries, such as manufacturing, finance, ONG, construction as well as IT.

Certified Project Management Professionals take home an average salary of almost double the average compared to the household mean income of the United States.

Nowadays the number of aspirants is increasing who have enrolled in PMP certification courses to add some value in their resume and to separate themselves from their uncertified peers. There is a huge advantage for aspirants who have PMP certification in their resume. Moreover, it indicates the recruiters to choose the high qualified candidates for the particular industry.

Besides being the most reputable project management certification, PMP® has become a key to get across the board.  The growing number of PMP® certified project managers also creating the hope in every other professional’s mind to get the PMP® certification. However, the main expectation of a PMP® certified one is getting a high salary.

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Why PMP® Certification?

Knowledge of Common Global Language

PMP® training helps a lot to attain proficiency in global standard language of project management. It describes the sections of a particular project that was not articulated by a candidate. It also helps in effective communication. Project goals, the necessary resources, the assumptions made, the risks are taken and the constraints stakeholders are some segments maintained by the professional project managers.

When a candidate has the ability to fix these issues, he or she becomes the most preferable one by the employer. It makes communication easier with clients and vendors when everyone is using the same PMP language.

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High demand for Certified Project managers

The availability number of jobs for project managers in the market is higher than for agile coaches, agile project managers, CSMS, PMI-ACPs or CSPs- according to Enterprise Agile Coach Andrew Kallman’s survey. Data of ComputerWorld shows 40% of IT executives want to hire project management professionals. Maximum of companies want to maintain a formal and standard way to handle projects. With the formation of new digital markets and industries, the number of projects will grow as well. For these reasons, demand for project management professionals is higher than any other professionals.