How to Become a Scrum Master Following the Easiest Method

Scrum master jobs are very much popular nowadays. People are engaging more in this field as they can earn a handsome salary by doing fewer works. Again, leadership and management skills people want to enlarge being involved in this job sector. But they mostly face the problem with how to become a scrum master and what roles they need to play.

Here, in the next sections of this article, you will get the ultimate guide for becoming a professional scrum master.

Who is a Scrum Master?

A scrum master is a member of the scrum team who possesses the liability for the management procedure of the entire team. The scrum master is not responsible for any other issues of the team except the team management process. They cannot make any decisions for the team yet only provide necessary guidelines to the team for smoothly running through the process. They employ all their expertise as well as experience in managing the scrum team skillfully.

Why Become a Scrum Master?

If you research and learn about the scrum master-related things, you will get to know the actual scrum master meaning and find a number of reasons regarding why you need to become a scrum master.

Here goes a list of some major reasons why you should become a scrum master:

  • Scrum master jobs are mainly team-centered. If you want to do something good with your leadership and teamwork qualities, you must become a scrum master.
  • A scrum master bears the liability of the entire team management process. Hence, your management efficiency will get developed a lot.
  • You will have flexible workloads in this job. That means you can hold your focus in any small portion of the team instead of the whole team if you want.
  • One of the biggest advantages of a scrum job is, here you get the chance to practically handle tough issues regarding the progress of the team. Thus, you become strong and confident with yourself.
  • You can make yourself as well as your job skills better on this platform.
  • In recent times, with the rapid development of business areas, the scrum master job contains high demands in the job market.

How to Become a Scrum Master?

Once you take the decision of becoming a scrum master, you might struggle with the questions of how to learn scrum and how to become a CSM (scrum master). No worries, it’s not at all a difficult task. There are lots of information about this job available on various online platforms. You can learn scrum master basics by studying that information.

Before that, you need to understand the different between PSM and CSM. We have a detailed article on that, you can check PSM vs CSM

Again you will find several courses on it. You can choose a scrum master course suitable for you as a beginner and learn how to become a scrum master.

However, in the case of any job sector, the most expected thing from a candidate is his or her certification on that particular job and their experiences in the field. For the beginners or freshers, experience sometimes is considered. Like all other jobs, scrum master also needs proper certification, which you can acquire by completing the course offered by The Scrum Alliance. So, if you are facing confusion about how to become a scrum master with no experience, you must go for this certification course.

What does a Scrum Master Do?

A scrum master is just like a rudder or a coach for the scrum team. The team’s all-over progress gets down or falls apart without a scrum master, just like a ship without a rudder. He plays a very significant role in making the team reach its highest level of progress. Works a scrum master does for the team on a daily basis include:

  • Facilitate several scrum-related ceremonies.
  • Make a proper guideline for the scrum team.
  • Help the team in preparing their annual chart.
  • Protect the team through convincing the stakeholders.
  • Establish good leadership and provide the team with the necessary training and tools.
  • Make the overall process best work for the team, not just being concerned about the unicorn.
  • Reduce the possible barriers for the team so that they can smoothly run their works.
  • Make a facile collaboration among all his roles for the betterment of the team.

What are the 3 Scrum Roles?

There are 3 basic scrum roles. They are-

1. Scrum Master

You already know what scrum master and what roles a  scrum certified master plays for the scrum team. He is the actual handler of the scrum team. But he is not a manager at all. The work of a scrum master is totally different from a scrum manager. You will better understand if you search for the question- what is a scrum manager?

2. Scrum Product Owner

Scrum product owner is basically subject to learn and analyze product features and improve ROI (return on investment) rate. He makes a suitable translation of the product details into a list of priorities. From that list, he can decide which product will be on the top of the priority list in the market as well as to the customers.

3. Development Team

The development Team mainly works as per the decision of the product owner. That means the team makes all the possible development of the product that the scrum product owner selects for the upcoming business. For example, building a website and developing its features. It is a small and cross-functional team.

What is Scrum Certification?

Scrum certification is a certification course for the scrum masters, which is offered by The Scrum Alliance. If you have no experience of a scrum master job, you must conduct this course. This course offers all the necessary training for becoming a scrum master. By completing this course, you can learn the roles of a scrum master and get a scrum master certification. This certification will help you out a lot to easily get the job of a scrum master.

Scrum Master Certification Requirements

In order to become a certified scrum master, you need to fulfill some CSM requirements for the certification course. The scrum master certification requirements include:

  • Closeness to the scrum framework.
  • A training course by a certified trainer. The course duration is two days, average 16 hours.
  • A CSM exam which you must pass to get the certificate.
  • A license agreement that you have to accept for your certificate.

If you can meet all the requirements properly, only then you are qualified for being in a two-year-long membership with the Scrum Alliance and get your CSM certificate.

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Salary of a Scrum Certified Professional?

The salary of a scrum-certified professional varies a lot depending upon the industry he is working in and the working region as well. But on average, a certified Scrum Master earns between $70,000 and $100,000 per year.

If you have completed your scrum certification course, your demand in the job market is high because your skills have been observed and examined by a third party from a neutral point of view.


Finally, we are concluding here with a positive recommendation for you to become a certified scrum master, which will enhance your professional career as well as fulfill your money-making dreams.

From the above discussion, perhaps you have got an overall idea about how to become a scrum master and other important details regarding the scrum master job. Hopefully, these information will help you out to establish your career as a successful scrum master.


What is a Scrum Manager?

A scrum manager is also known as a project manager which is totally different from a scrum master. Scrum manager makes work schedules for the scrum team and appoint them with their roles and responsibilities.

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Can Anyone Become a Scrum Master?

Yes, anyone can become a scrum master. There is no bindings of backgrounds for becoming a scrum master. But you must have a good skill set regarding this job.

What Degree do You Need to be a Scrum Master?

To become a scrum master, you need to complete your bachelor degree in either computer science, computer engineering or any other comparable disciplines helpful for this job. Sometimes, you might need to complete your master degree. Moreover, a number of people complete a scrum certification course for getting the job easily.

How Much does It Cost to Become a Scrum Master?

The cost actually varies depending upon the courses you are conducting. For example, CSPO and CSM courses cost $1,000 in average or at best $2,000. If you go for PSM I course, you will have to pay $150. Thus, the cost varies in this field.

How do I Become a Scrum Master with No Experience?

In every jobs, experience adds an extra boost to your resume. But in case you do not have any experience in scrum master job sector, you can highlight your educational background which supports this sector. You can also mention your scrum certification course that you have conducted specifically for this job.