How to Claim PMI PDUs – this is where your professional and personal development begins…

PMI’s certification renewal provides you with the opportunity to gain new skills that will help you advance in your career, creating a network with other professionals, sharing your knowledge, and volunteering. Professional development units (PDUs) can be claimed for renewal in two ways:

  1. Education  and 
  2. Giving back to the profession

Everyone has different objectives and passions. Different industries have their own set of criteria. Perhaps you want to change careers or learn a new approach – the CCR program is a great place to start exploring new possibilities.

What are PDUs?

Once you’ve earned your PMP® certification, you’ll need to acquire a set number of PDUs to keep your certification valid. What exactly are PDUs? When your certification credentials expire, you must acquire PDUs, or Professional Development Units, as part of PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. PDUs are one-hour of learning, teaching, or volunteering time. By connecting your learning and development to the PDUs you need to renew your certification requirements, the PMI Talent Triangle helps you to continue your learning and development. You must choose between the Education and Giving back to the profession alternatives to obtain these PDUs.

Ways to earn Professional Development Unit (PDU)

  • Work as a Practitioner: By working in your certified role, you can earn PDUs by applying your knowledge and skills in a practical setting.
  • Create Content: Do you write articles or blogs? Give webinars? Make videos? Today’s digital world is full of new content and anything you create counts towards your recertification.
  • Give a Presentation: If you speak at your organization, at a PMI chapter event or a conference, you can claim PDUs for it.
  • Share Knowledge: Others can benefit from your experience and knowledge. Keep track of the time you spend mentoring and teaching and claim it towards recertification.

PMI Talent Triangle and Classifying Your PDUs

Mostly PDUs are classified into following three categories:

  • Ways of working
  • Power skills
  • Business Acumen
Ways of Working: (Previously Technical Project Management) Whether it’s predictive, agile, design thinking, or new practices still to be developed, it’s clear that there is more than one way that work gets done today. That’s why we encourage professionals to master as many ways of working as they can – so they can apply the right technique at the right time, delivering winning results.
Power Skills: (Previously Leadership) These interpersonal skills include collaborative leadership, communication, an innovative mindset, for-purpose orientation, and empathy. Ensuring teams have these skills allows them to maintain influence with a variety of stakeholders – a critical component for making change.
Business Acumen: (Previously Strategic and Business Management) Professionals with business acumen understand the macro and micro influences in their organization and industry and have the function- or domain-specific knowledge – to make good decisions. Professionals at all levels need to be able to cultivate effective decision-making and understand how their projects align with the big picture of broader organizational strategy and global trends

For example, if you are have a 2 hour Fast Track Your PMO event, you can distribute the PDUs as below:

PDU Distribution




PMI Talent Triangle

Ways of Working

Power Skills

Business Acumen

Eligible Institutions to Offer PDUs

Mostly following types of organization can issue PDUs:

  • Project Management Institute
  • PMI Chapters
  • Authorized Training Partners (ATP)
  • PMI Accredited Education Providers

The above institution needs to register the event to the PMI portal first. It goes through the approval process.

Example of how PDU Listing looks like

There are 06 steps and processes to claiming your Education PDUs:

Step 1. Go to and log in. After logging in, go to ‘Report PDUs’ and click it.

Step 2. Education or training. Under Education, you must select ‘Course or Training.’

Step 3. Type, Find and Fill the remaining fields with the name of a provider.

Step 4. Fill in or change the PDUs that correspond to the PMI Talent TriangleTM.

Step 5. Agree. The following step is to click ‘I agree this claim is accurate.’

Step 6. Submit.

Once you’ve accepted the guidelines, you must submit your PDU claim. After hitting the ‘Submit’ button, you will receive a transaction notification that will show many Claim IDs for various certifications and allow you to print the message or continue submitting another claim.

There are 07 steps to claim ‘Giving back to the profession’ PDUs.

You can earn PDUs for working in the profession in a variety of ways as a PMI® member. Making new content, doing volunteer work, and doing your job.

Step 1: Log in to the PMI® website with your log-in credentials and choose ‘Report PDUs’ and Cat F as the PDU category, then click ‘Next.’ However, you must ensure the following in order to complete the PDU request:

  • Name of workplace Address of workplace
  • Date of commencement Date of completion Hours worked
  • You should also think about the Processes and Knowledge Areas that you utilize in your profession and be ready to choose from them. And If your name appears at the top of the landing page, you have logged in successfully.

Step 2: Select ‘Maintain your certification: Earn and report PDUs’ from the drop-down list after hovering over ‘Certification.’ Choose my PMI as an alternative.

Step 3: Follow the steps above to a CCRS landing page, where you must select ‘Category F’ in the PDU category.

Step 4: After that, you’ll be taken to a complete detail page where you must pick ‘Next.’

Step 5: On the following page, you’ll notice that the blank has already been filled in with # PDUs. All you have to do now is click ‘Next.’

Step 6: To claim your # PDUs, click on ‘Agree’ and then ‘Submit.

Step 7: Check your email for confirmation from PMI® once you’ve completed the procedure; you should receive an email from verifying that your PDU request was successfully submitted. The email address you entered in your profile will get this message.

Summary - How to Get PDUs

PMI® provides the following possibilities to earn the required PDUs for maintaining your PMP® certification credentials:


  • Online or digital media course / training
  • Organizations Meetings
  • Informal Learning
  • Read

Giving back to the profession

  • Working as a professional/Practitioner
  • Giving a presentations
  • Share your expertise

To sum up,

PDUs are a crucial part of your PMP® certification journey, and you must claim them in order to keep your certification credentials valid. There are various options and techniques for obtaining the required PDUs to keep your PMP® certified certificate under CCR. A PDU is equal to one hour of project management training. Go to PMI’s website to claim your PDUs as a PMP® qualified professional.