How difficult is the PMP® Exam now and why some are still failing in their Final test?

Every PMP® Exam aspirant should know  the PMP® exam passing criteria and they must know how hard they need to prepare themselves. If you are planning to sit for the PMP® Exam in the coming days, you must know that 80% of the examinee fail in their 1st attempt. But why is the PMP® passing rate still low?

The answer is simple. Not preparing and practicing in the Right way. Not enough information upfront to you which helps to prepare as needed to pass the final exam.

You sometimes don’t get Authorized PMP® Study materials to prepare yourself for the Domains, Knowledge Areas and Process Groups. If you prepare yourself in the right way then you don’t really need to worry about the PMP® Exam success and passing it.

How Difficult is the PMP® Exam?

Most people prepare in a traditional way. This means they search over the internet, get some materials, study them and start to have that feeling that it’s easy and they are ready. Whereas, they must study hard with proper materials which are designed for PMP® Exam candidates, and take as much PMP® Mock exams to test themselves. You will need to remember that the questions are based not only on the Guidebooks, but they can come pretty much from “Anywhere” while the PMP® certification is an “Experience-based exam” and the “Way of work”.

First of all, keep in mind that obtaining the PMP® Certification is a door for you to step ahead into your Professional career with Authorization & Achievement. And to get that desired Certification, it requires Your dedication and perseverance on your part to prepare for an exam with guarantees. It also brings with it some small economic costs, which you should see as an Investment for your own career.

  • If you do not have a proper Study plan and the Right Resource:

There’s a big chance of failing the PMP® Exam on your 1st attempt because of not maintaining a proper Study plan. You might not pass the exam, if you do not have the proper preparation and answer questions correctly. But you have the option to practice with different levels like setting up the difficulty level, knowledge areas, process groups utilizing the PM Exam Simulator software offered by PMaspire.

You must know that, PMP® exam has no specified number of questions must be answered correctly for passing the exam. All the questions are graded differently according to their difficulty level. But, have you practiced through different Difficulty levels?

  • If you are bad at Time Management:

Do you know what is the most common cause of failure in the PMP® exam? That is Bad time Management ! People fail to complete a total set of 180 questions in 230 minutes. Therefore, they have much less chance of passing in the final test. So, you must practice the Customizable PMP® Mock Exams where you’ll be able to customize it by the Allotted Exam Time, Numbers of Questions, and the Passing Marks.

  • Not finding your Strength & Weaknesses:

Do you know where you are lacking behind and what are the Knowledge gaps that are still required to improve? To find your Strength & Weaknesses, improve your Lacking, and finally gaining the required Confidence; Only A Graphical presentation of Performance Analytics can show you the real progress of your preparation so far.

You are getting everything all you need! Just start preparing yourself for the Final Test

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