Our world has witnessed a monumental transformation in the last couple of years. While the core of this transformation has been COVID-19, the recent conflicts between nations further fostered global change in the socioeconomic condition across all parts of the world. In light of increasing inflation, higher interest rates, decreased investment, and interruptions brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world economy is currently contracting severely. According to a tracking website (, tech businesses already slashed down more than 150000 employees in 2022 as the pandemic-driven demand spike faded quickly during the post-pandemic phase. Just so you know, more layoffs are anticipated as the world’s largest economies begin to see slower growth.

At one moment, you might be employed at a well-known large corporation, but at the very next moment, you might find yourself without a job, even after years of diligent labor. Due to the nature of the current global market and competition among your networks, this is a possibility. While having a business as a side gig opens possibilities for mental satisfaction and building a vast network, as well as opportunities for a better life. 

When you have your own company, you are the boss and you will decide how much growth your company will see and how far you want it to go. Nevertheless, as professionals, we often become skeptical about setting up our own businesses despite knowing their bright sides. The fear of failing to earn revenue from the business primarily blocks any professional from starting their own business. So while the fear and doubts are obvious, the risk is worth taking when you have a solid idea, a proven revenue model and are committed to exploring the unbound opportunities that your business can offer you. More importantly, if you are a Project Manager, your risks are already lessened by virtue of your project management, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Why can you lead a good project management business as a project manager?

If you are a project manager, you are the hub of the wheel, the focal point of all communications pertaining to the planning, execution, and overall management of the project. It also implies that you, as a project manager,  choose to lead by example when it comes to excellent communication with your staff and other stakeholders. This trait already qualifies you as a Business owner. A project manager is a good planner and works within a time frame considering the project’s Risk, Issues, Changes, Budget, and Scope. They play a good role in Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling the Project from Scratch till the end of the project. A project manager may also have professional certification, which helps them to understand the fundamentals of project management and help the community where they see any Gap or need for a specific solution.

How can PMaspire help project managers trying to set up their own project management business?

PMaspire is the world’s leading project management solutions provider providing complete Project management solutions, serving clients worldwide. PMaspire’s proprietary products include the PM Exam simulator platform, PM Training Simulator Platform, Eduaspire Enterprise LMS, RegTech LMS, Baseline PMO Software, ChampsCRM, PM Training Materials, PMO Consulting Framework Content outlines, and many more sophisticated solutions that are key to building a successful Project Management Business. 

PMaspire Franchise Partners enjoy the Entire Project Management Solutions as part of their Franchise Partnership Benefits. As the Franchise Partner of PMaspire, partners will receive globally recognized project management solutions and an opportunity to generate up to $230K per year. PMaspire also provides highly interactive training programs to its Franchise partners, which give the franchise partners a new vision for their business.

As a start-up, a company may need years to make software and understand the market; by this time, competition will also go high. So if you are a Start-up company or dreaming of opening your project management business, consult with PMaspire Today.

06 Steps to Grow or Start your PM Consultancy & Training Business with PMaspire.

  1. Register your organization
  2. Set Target Market
  3. Take PMaspire Franchise
  4. Start Promoting as A Project Management Hub
  5. Get success in PM Consulting & Training Business
  6. Begin to Grow with PMaspire’s all-project management solutions

PMaspire provides entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing training to its partners. In PM Business, Most business owners’ primary income source is training, but with PMaspire Franchise Program, you can earn 3x revenue. PMaspire offers an entire project management suite, including training, content, software, and business opportunities. Also, PMaspire provides all required tools & techniques to conduct PM and PMO consultancy projects and PMO Set up. In addition, PMaspire’s dedicated account manager supports partners throughout the year to grow their business.

How do you leapfrog into starting your Project Management Business?

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