Inside PMP® Proctored Exam

PMP Proctored exam

Inside PMP® Proctored Exam


2020 breaking news of the year ! You can now take the PMP® exam sitting at home ! It’s been around a month that PMP® aspirants are taking this exam online but the question is how is the practical experience? Is that really convenient or what are the challenges aspirants are facing? Recently I have interviewed a few of the exam takers who passed the PMP® exam and shared their learnings from the Proctored PMP Exam. This Article tried to deep dive inside the PMP® Proctored Exam so that you avoid any exam surprises.



In the testing software, you will find the new option “whiteboard” for taking notes and drawing shapes if you want. Whiteboard is an alternative to pen and paper which was previously provided in the exam centers.


It’s back – 05 Minutes Tutorial

Yes. Before the exam you will be given a 05 minutes tutorial to understand the functions of the test system including review options, calculator etc which do not count the exam time. So it’s recommended to utilize this 05 minutes to write the formulas and 49 process charts.


Download the 49 Process Chart – Click here


System Requirement


  • Any regular Laptop or PC with uninterrupted internet connections is must
  • Must disable any firewall
  • Verify sound, microphone
  • WebCam is must since proctor will watch you all the time


Pearson VUE Policies and Procedures


  • Take exam from home or office any convenient place
  • Download the OnVUE online proctoring software in advance
  • System test before the exam using the software. Mostly asked to do the system test one day before the exam. System tests the following:
    • Stability of Internet Connectivity
    • Computer Microphone and Camera
  • You are required to present a current, government-issued form of ID. The name on your ID must match the name in your PMP application.
  • Work Area Scan – Proctor will scan your entire room and check if you have any books, notepads, post-it notes, papers, pens, pencils or other writing instruments/objects.
  • Wearing long sleeves, watches or any other devices are not allowed


Utilize 10 Minutes Exam Break

  • For PMP exams there is a built-in 10-minute break.
  • Once your 10-minute break is over, the aspirant will not be able to return to the questions from the first section of the exam.
  • Once your 10-minute break is over, aspirants proctor will check back in and aspirants will finish the second and final part of your exam.
  • If aspirants do not return to the room at the conclusion of a 10-minute break, the exam session will be terminated.
  • During this break, make sure you take light foods including drinks to restore your brain functions.


You will be advised to practice a simulated pmp exam at least 5 – 10 times to finish 200 questions in 240 minutes. Try this Free PMP Exam Simulator: Click Here


What to do in-case of disruption?

  • If there is a technical software issue during exam delivery, the Proctor will contact via phone or through chat/VoIP using the PVProctor software.
  • If there is an issue after exam delivery, please contact Pearson VUE and have the Case Report number provided by Proctor available.


Final Tips for the Exam

  • Make sure you have a backup internet connection in-case of wifi disruptions. Mobile will not be allowed in the room
  • Use the 05 minutes tutorial time for brain dump e.g. write the chart or formulas
  • Make sure you click on the “Resume Exam ” button once you return from 10 minutes or your exam may be canceled.
  • Once you pass the exam, wait at least 24 hours to get your digital certificate or status update in your PMI dashboard.
  • Before you sit for the exam, make sure you practice, practice and practice, until you score 65% and above in PMaspire Simulator:


pmp performance graph

Assess your Performance – Click here to Register

Hope the above information helps. I look forward to seeing your success stories and at the end of the day “Congratulations! You have earned your PMP certification” this message all matters.


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