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Is PMP worth it? Is it really beneficial on a greater scale? What benefits will you have if you get the PMP certification?

Moving up or moving to a better place is not easy and requires a lot of work and patience. However, with a PMP certification, things can be easier. It improves our project management skills; it makes us better manage issues as important as time, costs, risks, quality, and people.

Is PMP certification worth it? Yes, bit by bit, because the return it brings to peoples’ career is enormous. Today we are going to talk about the worth and the benefits that stand out the most of PMP certification.

Definition of PMP

PMP stands for Project Management Professional and is the premier accreditation for project management professionals. The certification, delivered by the PMI (Project Management Institute), is recognized worldwide.

This certification requires real commitment and proven experience in the world of project management. It significantly increases the market value of the skills of certified professionals and facilitates job search.

Indeed, companies are looking for PMP certified professionals to benefit from qualified personnel because they bring a lot of knowledge and experience.

PMP is based on the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide, a guide created and updated by PMI every 4-5 years. The purpose of the PMBOK guide is to recognize and explain Good Practices.

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Is PMP Worth It?

Question: Is PMP Certification Worth It?

Answer: Yes. Different studies confirm that globally, companies will have to hire almost 2.2 million people. They have to be specialized in project management each year until 2027. PMP Certified professionals get priority during these hiring process.

Undoubtedly, today the markets are increasingly globalized and highly competitive. More and more project-based business strategies are being implemented. The results and benefits of each project must be ensured and aligned with the company’s strategy.

More and more companies request that their Project Managers be certified because their clients demand that they be managed by qualified and specialized personnel. This is the main reason why it is worth training to obtain the PMP certification.

PMP is an all-around course that is beneficial to all, irrespective of their job sector. And to answer the question, is PMP worth it? Yes, it worth the second you invest preparing for it. It will improve your project management skills and prepare you for next level job in your career.

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Benefits of PMP Certification

There’s numerous benefits of PMP certification out there you can find online. It includes, career growth, high-pay, and it sets you apart from others. If you can successfully pass the PMP exam, you won’t be able to ignore the benefits you will have, the opportunity you will achieve is limitless. Is PMP worth all these, yes, the hardship and effort you invest worth completely for the PMP certification. We have a detailed article on those benefits.

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Showing PMP Certification on Our CV Looks Good

The PMP certification strengthens a CV and can make a difference when you land a project manager position. Or it makes you look cool if you are already a Project Manager.

Furthermore, many organizations, especially in the private sector, want PMP in the portfolio. They have begun to require an international certification in Project Management from their Project Managers. Holding the certification will definitely make it less difficult to land a position as a Project Manager.

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The PMP Certification Proves Your Experience in Project Management

To aspire to the PMP certification, you need to have experience in leading and directing projects. The requirement is 4,500 hours of experience. The PMI applies an audit process that ensures that PMP candidates tell the truth when submitting their project experience history.

For those who do not meet the experience requirement, the PMI CAPM certification can always be a very valid alternative. And they will allow you to climb an important step in the future, obtaining the PMP certification.

PMP Project Managers Earn More than Non-PMP Project Managers

Having the PMP certification can help you a lot in obtaining a higher economic income. Especially in the private sector, it will help you compared to those Project Managers who have not yet obtained it. Moreover, the PMP certification occupies position 3 of the 15 Most Valued International Certifications of the year 2018.

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Being a PMP, You Increase Your Opportunities for Professional Contacts and Potential Job

As a PMP, you can (and should) attend the frequent meetings held at local PMI Chapters. Here, you will have the opportunity to meet and share with other PMI members and PMP certificates. Also, you will learn more advanced Project Management topics.

Is PMP worth it, against the opportunities it enables? Yes, you will have infinite opportunities in project management sector to promote yourself. However, if you are from other industries, then also, the project management skills will rank you higher among others in your company.

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In addition, these meetings allow you to obtain something very valuable for the PMP. The PDUs (Professional Development Units) are necessary to renew your PMP certification every three years.

The PMP Certification Implies Your Commitment to the Profession of Project Management

PMP Project Managers have invested time and effort to obtain their PMP certification. It means that they have a degree of commitment to Project Management as a profession (it is).

Again, as part of that commitment, they understand the importance of the PMP certification in their professions. So, they do what is necessary.

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So, quite simply, the project management courses such as PMP certification are worth the effort. These certifications draw attention to your CV and open the door to the all-important job interview. You can make a good impression on a prospective employer with your previous knowledge and experience. So, if you are still wondering, “is PMP worth it,” we will say, YES.