PMaspire Enterprise LMS:

Section 01 – Admin Portal

Section 02 – Employee/User Portal

Section 01 – Admin Portal

Welcome to Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS). This portal is the admin portal designed for HR, Trainer or Regulators to manage all types of training and courses.

LMS Dashboard

Module 01: Login to your Portal at

Enterprise LMS Login

Module 02: LMS Dashboard

Quick LMS Dashboard






User can quickly get an overview of:

  • How many user registered in the system
  • How many active courses
  • How many courses students have completed
  • How many courses in progress

Quick Action from Dashboard:

  • User can add a user by clicking on the “Add User” button
  • User can create a course by clicking on the “Create Course” button
  • User can assign a course to students by clicking on the “Assign Course” button
  • User can assign a quick to students or group of students by clicking on the “Assign Quiz” button

Module 03: Create an Online Course

Step 01: Add Certificate

To add a certificate, please navigate to Course Builder > Add Certificate

  • Put the certificate name
  • You can add your own certificate by going to the editor > Tools > Source Code
  • There will be a default certificate which you can readily edit as per your requirement

Add Certificate to Course

Step 02: Create a Course

To Create a Course, please navigate to Course Builder > Add Course

Add A Course

To add a course you need to do the following:

  • Put the course name
  • Select the certificate from drop down list
  • Add the course description
  • Add an image in Course Thumbnail
  • Click on the Status to make the course active
  • Then SAVE it

Step 03: Add Questions

Add Question

To add a question, navigate to Course Builder > Add Questions

  • Put the question description the field
  • You need to click on “+” button to add more field for multiple questions
  • You can also add image based question by clicking on upload option file
  • Select the status to make the question active
  • Save the question

Step 04: Add Quiz

Add Quiz to a Course

To add a quiz, navigate to Course Builder > Add Quiz:

  1. First select the name of the Course
  2. Put the Quiz Name
  3. Put the Title of the Quiz which will be displayed in user portal
  4. put the number of questions in numeric value
  5. Put the minutes in numeric value
  6. Put the passing marks in numeric value
  7. Select the questions and Transfer in the below box
  8. Save it

Step 05: Add Section

Add Section to a Course

To add section to a course, navigate to Course Builder > Add Section

  • Select the course from the drop down
  • Add as many section as you want by clicking  “+” button from Introduction to Conclusion
  • Save it

Step 06: Add Lessons

Add Lessons to a Course

To add a lessons, navigate to Course Builder > Add Lessons:

  1. First select the course
  2. Select the section under a course
  3. Put the name of the lessons. You can add multiple lessons by clicking on “+” icons
  4. Put the description of the lesson
  5. Select the type of files you want to add in this lessons
    • Google slides
    • Google docs
    • Youtube
    • Videm
    • Yuku (China)
  6. Get the html code of that particular file
  7. You can also put the lessons transcript

Module 04: Create a Product/package

Add Products to LMS

To create a new package, navigate to Packages module > Add Package

  • Fill up Package name, parent package, trainee package, duration, Free/Paid, Price (if any)
  • Select the courses you want to add in this course.
  • Add the features by clicking on “+” icons
  • Select the package status
  • Save it

Copy the Package Link for External user Registration:

  • Navigate to all package
  • Edit Package
  • Copy the link in “Checkout Callback “Url”
  • e.g.
  • Put this link to website for user registration.

Module 05: Integrate with 2checkout International Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Integration

  • First you need to create a Merchant account at
  • Merchant account will have an unique Merchant ID ‘Checkout SID”
  • Create a Package in 2checkout and each package will have a package ID. Copy the ID and put in “Checkout Product ID”

Module 06: Create Group or Class

Module 07: Give Access to Students/Clients

Module 08: HR Matrix

Module 09: Results

Module 10: Performance Analytics

Section 02 – Employee/User Portal