New PMI Talent Triangle. This is what you need to know…

Project Management Institute (PMI) has recently updated the PMI Talent Triangle. The PMI Talent Triangle points to the following skill sets, which provides a valuable framework to help you steer your ongoing professional development and growth.

Ways of Working: PMI always encourages the professionals to master as many ways of working as they can – so they can apply the right technique at the right time, delivering winning results. (Previously Technical Project Management) Whether it’s predictive, agile, design thinking, or new practices still to be developed, it’s clear that there is more than one way that work gets done today.

Power Skills: While project managers apply their technical project management methods to a project, they also need to possess the leadership skills that will allow them to maintain communication through a project and guide their team to success. (Previously Leadership) This section focuses on how you guide and motivate others like – Team building, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Skills.

Business Acumen: As project managers apply their knowledge and provide leadership, they also need to align projects with company goals. When project managers align their plans and actions with their company’s greater goals, coupled with applying their technical knowledge with effective leadership, they can infuse energy into the company’s projects everyday. (Previously Strategic and Business Management) Professionals with business acumen need to understand the macro and micro influences in their organization, industry and have the function- or domain-specific knowledge – to make good decisions. And one more thing is the Business Acumen gives an organization fresh energy for its betterment and helps achieve long-term goals.