Partnership with PMI® R.E.Ps and Training Institutes

PMP® Training Institutes (e.g. PMI® R.E.Ps) are playing a vital role to create awareness and creating project management professionals. Training companies main revenue is coming from Training only. But becoming an ASP of, training companies can generate an additional $5000 – $10,000 USD referring to their students and increase their organization success rate !


Here are the key points of our Partnership:


    1. Bundle Simulator Package to Training Programs – Make your PMP® training more effective by bundling world’s best pmp training simulator with your training package. Give access to your students with your own brand.


    1. FREE Access to PMP® Training Simulator – PMaspire extends a 30 days FREE trial of PMP® Training Simulator to PMP® Training Institutes.


    1. PMP® Exam Simulator Package at a Special Rate – extends Exam Simulator Packages at a speical rate. Standard pricing for the PMP® Exam Simulator is set at three levels: Silver ($49), Gold ($99), and Platinum ($149). PMI chapter members can buy Exam Simulator from Chapter at a very low price.


  1. Training Simulator at a Special Rate – provides the world’s first multi-lingual, privately hosted Training Simulator with several features all designed to help your members prepare for the PMP® exam. The standard pricing for the Training Simulator is $199/120 days. PMI® Chapter can extend Training Simulator to their local PMI® Registerred Education Provider (R.E.Ps) at a special rate.


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