Partnership with Project Management Training Companies

Project Management Training companies are playing a vital role to create awareness and creating project management professionals. Training companies main revenue is coming from Training only. But becoming an ASP of PMaspire.com, training companies can generate an additional $5000 – $10,000 USD referring to their students and increase their organization success rate !

Here are the key points of our Partnership:

  • Bundle Simulator Package to Training Programs – Make your PMP® training more effective by bundling world’s best pmp training simulator with your training package. Give access to your students with your own brand.
  • FREE Access to PMP® Training Simulator – PMaspire extends a 30 days FREE trial of PMP® Training Simulator to PMP® Training Institutes.
  • PMP® Exam Simulator Package at a Special Rate – PMaspire.com extends Exam Simulator Packages at a speical rate. Standard pricing for the PMP® Exam Simulator is set at three levels: Silver ($69), Gold ($99), and Platinum ($149). PMI chapter members can buy Exam Simulator from Chapter at a very low price.
  • Training Simulator at a Special Rate – PMaspire.com provides the world’s first multi-lingual, privately hosted Training Simulator with several features all designed to help your members prepare for the PMP® exam. The standard pricing for the Training Simulator is $399/120 days. PMI® Chapter can extend Training Simulator to their local PMI® Authorized Training Partner (ATP) or Registered Education Provider (R.E.Ps) at a special rate.

For more information, please write to partner@pmaspire.com


PMaspire Franchise Program offering includes PMaspire proprietary contents, software products and project management services. It does not offer or extend any PMI’s ATP license to any parties.

PMaspire proprietary products includes PM Exam simulator platform, PM Training Simulator Platform,  eduaspire Enterprise LMS, RegTech LMS, Baseline PMO Software, ChampsCRM, PM Training and PMO Consulting Framework Content outlines etc.