PMaspire Agile-Scrum Training Singapore

PMaspire Agile-Scrum Training Singapore

PMaspire (PMASPIRE.COM) Agile-Scrum Training in Singapore

01 July 2016 – PMaspire Agile-Scrum Training in Singapore. PMaspire (PMASPIRE.COM) a leading Agile-Scrum training and simulator provider conducted a day long Agile-Scrum Project Management Training for Axiom Software Laboratories ( at Singapore on 30 June 2016. Mr. Abdulla SCT CSM PMP ( Founder and CEO of PMASPIRE.COM conducted this exclusive training session. Delegates from 06 countries attended this scrum workshop.

This exclusive Agile-Scrum training was focused on Scrum basics and the Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team role. Besides the basic concepts the training included discussions and group dynamics about the necessary soft skills for a Scrum Master, aspects of technical excellence for the Scrum Team, and company-oriented Scrum implementation aspects.

What is SCRUM?

Scrum is a lightweight process framework for IT Project Management. Although commonly referred to as an agile methodology, “framework” is the preferred term between Scrum and agile experts, expressing the difference between Scrum and other more rigid or “heavy” methods.

Agile methods or frameworks such as Scrum focus on people over processes, enhancing software development by accounting for the element of human and team dynamics. Conventional software development method like waterfall are products of the manufacturing age and assume that software can be built in the same manner as a product on an assembly line. However, when manufacturing a product on an assembly line, the specifics of the desired outcome are known. This is rarely the case in software development. Scrum and agile development address this by working in tight cycles, increasing the feedback loops and ability to adapt to changing requirements.

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