PMaspire and Vroom Services Signed Up Partnership to work on PMO and RegTech Industry

Signing Ceremoney PMaspire and Vroom

PMaspire and Vroom Services Signed Up Partnership to work on PMO and RegTech Industry

PMaspire Singapore Pte Ltd, ( a global project management, PMO and RegTech Solutions provider and Vroom Services Ltd ( ) joined hands together to promote PMO and RegTech Solutions in the Country.

PMaspire is one of the unique companies in the world which has the entire Project Management Office (PMO) Suite including PMO setup, PMO Capacity building, PMO Certifications and AI based PMO Software.

In addition, RegTech (Regulatory Technology) is the term getting very popular in the FinTech industry means to use technologies to facilitate regulatory compliance. RegTech aims to prevent being fined for not complying to a certain local and international law.

As part of RegTech Solutions, PMaspire has developed an online course on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Combat Against Financial Terrorism (CFT) which helps comply with domestic and global AML & CTF regulations and addressing security threats. In addition, PMaspire Ai based Project Management Software & PMO Dashboard will help enterprises establish transparency, accountability and deliver the company’s strategic initiatives.

Mr. Abdulla Al Mamun, PMP, Managing Director & CEO of PMaspire and Md. Nomanuzzaman, Executive Director of Vroom Services signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations at a simple ceremony held at Corporate headquarter of Vroom Services on 21 June 2021. In addition, Mr. Nazeem A. Choudhury, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Vroom Services and Mr. Md Mahajaban Chowdhury (Aurko), Senior Manager, Partner Management of PMaspire with senior officials of both the organizations were also present at the event.

Mr. Abdulla Al Mamun, PMP, Managing Director & CEO of PMaspire states that “banking industry has a need for regulatory compliance technologies and due to the pandemic, it has become more challenging. Vroom services led by Mr. Nazeem and Mr. Noman who are the domain experts in banking, bringing a great synergy to work as one team to support the banking compliance.”

About Vroom Services Limited | 

Vroom Services Limited – a BASIS member IT Company, country’s first one-of-a-kind digital marketplace and solution provider for the automotive industry! Launched in 2017, Vroom caters to individual buyers and sellers, dealers and large enterprises for the entire life cycle management of automobiles i.e. buy/sell to all ancillary services.

About PMaspire |

Whereas PMaspire is a Global Project Management Solutions Provider engaged RegTech Solutions, AI Based Project Management Software, Software Development, Enterprise Exam Simulator, PMP Exam Simulator, Regulatory Compliance e-Learning Products and providing related services to its Customers in 100 countries through 7 international languages and 500+ Global partners.


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