PMaspire “Baseline” an AI Based PMO Dashboard for Smooth Project Completion

PMO stands for Project Management Office, while a PMO dashboard contains the summary of all the projects being run by an organization. It is a helpful tool for the project managers and the senior personnel of the business who want to keep themselves updated with the status of any project handled by their team.

A PMO Dashboard is basically required in organizations which handle multiple projects. It helps in understanding the type and the status of any work with a quick glance, thus, saving a lot of time of the senior management without the need of getting deeper in the work process. However, if needed, they can coordinate with the project handler and get going with the process.

Why do we need a PMO Dashboard?

As discussed above, the main benefit of acquiring a PMO dashboard is finding the status of the project within seconds that will help in keeping pace with the clients. It can be operated remotely and the project handlers can take the project charge with transparency. With the help of the dashboard, one can:

  • View the project summary with ease
  • Easily manage the schedule and the baseline cost
  • Properly audit the project and the step-by-step history
  • Predict whether the project will be a success or a failure based on the time taken to complete the mini goals.
  • Manage the calendar set by the project managers in order to achieve the target
  • Keep a check on the project deadline and the delivery dates with the help of Kanban Board
  • Calculate the risks involved with the project and handle them with proper planning
  • Generate project reports with the help of report generation tool of the PMO Dashboard
“Baseline” AI Based PMO Dashboard

Why PMaspire PMO Dashboard “Baseline”

Are you tired using fancy task management software? Are you a Project Sponsor struggling to view your project status real time! Is your project team managing project baselines through proper approval process? Are you really convinced with the manual project status reporting system? Does your risks, issues or changes managed properly with proper procedures & clarity?

Here is the Ultimate Solution: PMaspire “Baseline” an AI Based PMO dashboard with cloud Project Management Tool to help project sponsor, project managers manage project online with transparency and clear visibility.

  • With PMO Dashboard Baseline, you can view Project Summary with Brilliant Clarity,
  • You can manage schedule and cost baseline with proper audit trail and revision history
  • Forecast project Success or Failure using earn value management (EVM)
  • Manage resource calendar, measure resources velocity with load management!
  • Track project delivery and milestone through user friendly Kanban board
  • Handle risk with risk Scoring tool and exposure!
  • Manage Issues effectively with Escalations Programs
  • Handle Change request through proper impact analysis and change control board
  • Most importantly Generate project status report through system generated reporting tool
  • Hierarchy wise Customize Approval Option for different Milestone

As a PM or Sponsor, you can ensure your maximum output of resources to for meeting the Deliverables in the Most Efficient way. 

Yes, you can really manage all with just one tool meet to your project goal!

Then what are you waiting for you!

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