Tips for PMI-ACP® Exam, You must try to Pass!

1. Set a plan and roadmap for your Exam preparation:

Before you sit for the PMI-ACP Exam preparation, you need to clearly define your goals and plan how you are going to archive it. Develop a structure approach to learn the Agile concepts and techniques that you will need to know to pass the exam. A formal PMI-ACP study plan will help you to do the exam prep and successfully pass the certification on your first try. You may think where should I start, how should I go and where to stop. But if you set the plan and roadmap and follow it accordingly, it will take to achieve your goal easily. On average PMI-ACP aspirants take about 2 to 3 months to study for the exam with a full-time job or running projects. But apart from that you should plan to study 2 to 4 hours during the weekday and allocate as much time as possible to study for the PMI-ACP Exam.  And remember; try to multi-task when it is safe to do so.

2. Solve a lot of Practice questions with Mock Exams:

The questions on the PMI-ACP exam can come pretty much from “anywhere.” So, just reading the theory doesn’t guarantee that you can apply this knowledge in the situations. That’s where the practicing more questions and maximum Mock exams can help you. Identify the different kinds of questions and Make sure that you do your research on the quality of the materials, and the reputation of the source before you choose one.

3. Practice questions with Justification analysis of the Answers:

It is important for Exam aspirants to follow the Justification analysis of the questions and answers. However there’s always a reason, why the “correct” answer is correct, what does it mean by that particular question and the answer. For this, Justification analysis with Guidebook and Study materials reference is very important for you. Reading the guide book is dry and boring but if you practice with PMaspire PMI-ACP Exam Simulator with the Justification details, it will help you to take an overall journey to the Books as well. This will transform you from a passive reader into an active researcher too.

4. Study by difficulty level:

PMI-ACP exam is considered as one of the most difficult project management exams mostly because of its syllabus. The PMI® does not specify how many questions must be answered correctly for someone to pass the exam. But please do remember that your exam day can be a little different because of the anxiety and the nerves you might carry to the exam hall. However, this does not mean that it’s impossible to clear PMI-ACP exam, if you study and practice from PMaspire PMI-ACP Exam simulator where you can study and take mock exams by Difficulty level; you can pass the credential test confidently.

5. Practice with Flash card questions:

One study method that will never go out of style is flashcards. Not only will you be going over the cards again and again, but you’ll have to write out the question and answer, which can help your memorization of the terms and formulas. Practicing from flashcards on your own can be immensely helpful during your preparation.

6. Find out your Strength and Weakness:

One of the biggest mistakes people make in taking the PMI-ACP exam is neglecting to find their Strength and Weakness. It is important to monitor your overall performance throughout your whole 2-3 months of Exam preparation journey. You need to follow the Exam analytics to see in which you are making good results particularly and where to focus more if you can’t score a decent result. So, it is mandatory to check your progress and make changes into your strategy as you analyze your performance in the mocks.

7. Active Participation in Social media Study Groups and Discussion Forums:

Study groups and discussion forums can greatly help you prepare for your PMI-ACP exam. As an active participant in study groups and discussion forums, you can take help from others to find tips and tricks, learn more about several useful resources and significantly reduce the time required to prepare for the exam. Because the PMI-ACP Exam is dynamic, it is important to keep track of the latest developments and updates in the field. Through there you can find out others experience from their preparation stages as well. Join the largest PMI-ACP Exam, Questions & Discussion Forum group here.

8. Be confident and make yourself READY:

There are many variables that you cannot control. Some of the smallest things could rattle you during the exam. The more you write mock tests, the more you face the simulated environment, the better you get at handling it. Continue to work on sample questions until you can answer at least 80 percent of them correctly. When you can do this, you can consider yourself ready to take the exam. Last of all; be confident about your abilities. Believe that if you put in consistent efforts, it is not a difficult task to clear the PMI-ACP exam in the first attempt. For the best results, do not stop studying until the final day.