PMO Setup, Delivery Services


Today’s dynamic business environment demands the ability to execute projects   well.     From new product   or   service   introductions   to complex IT installations, the ability to deliver   consistent   and   predictable project outcomes is considered a distinct competitive advantage.


In   an   effort   to   improve   project management   capability   from   within, many progressive organizations have embraced the concept of a Project Management Office (PMO).   The PMO takes responsibility for all projects within an organization encompassing ongoing development of project management as a discipline, project portfolio management as well as strategic project services.


Appropriately designed and resourced to fit with project needs, organizational structure and corporate culture, the PMO can play a major role in ensuring greater alignment between business strategy and project selection and drives continuous   improvement   in   project management   practices   within   the company.


Our expertise ensures your Project/Programme Management Office (PMO) delivers the maximum value for your organization, driven by a fit-for-purpose design with appropriately skilled resources.

PMO Area of Responsiblity

PMO Area of Responsibility

Benefits of a PMO…


  • Standardization of methodologies used
  • Implementation of project governance and processes
  • Improved risk analysis
  • Consistent tool usage
  • Improved and consistent reporting
  • Improved management and control of the resources
  • Improved communication and collaboration within and outside project environs.
  • Project Manager’s assigned to projects are fully committed to project works.
  • All the necessary phases/steps of a project are completed. Important lessons-learned are captured.
  • Earned value analysis can be put in place to better compare the performance of dissimilar projects.
  • A knowledge-base project repository is maintained.
  • Mentoring and Capacity Building for all project team members



What We Can Do for You…


Designing and establishing a valued PMO is critical to successful project selection, planning, monitoring and benefits realization. We have considerable experience in assisting organizations establish, measure and improve their PMO functionality based on best practice. As each PMO is different, we provide a flexible range of project management consulting services to suit your exact needs.


Typical PMO setup services include:


  • Assess and understand your unique challenges and help you priorities how they are addressed
  • Work with your leadership team to set your project, programme or PMO up for success
  • Manage the execution of your project, programme or PMO
  • Define and align the initiative/s with your strategic objectives
  • Provide an independent appraisal of PMO resource requirements,
  • Recruit PMO Resources for the organization and train to fit the role
  • Provide an independent appraisal of project governance
  • Project Audit
  • We can manage an entire PMO, programme or project for you, help with early planning and set up or simply support and coach your team


Please contact us at to discuss the benefits of establishing or developing your PMO capability and how we can help.