How to Fill Up PMP Application

PMP Application Fill Up

While applying for PMP, right after the preparation, the next big thing is the proper filling of the application. Your whole dream of getting a PMP certificate can go down with one mistake in the PMP application process. That’s why it is very important to know how to fill up the PMP application without making any mistakes.

So, today, in this article, we will try to breakdown the process with proper PMP application examples.

PMP Application Process: Step by Step Application Process to Take the Exam

Once the eligibility requirements have been verified and met, the PMP® certification exam candidate’s next step is to fill out the application.

The PMP® application form is available both in PDF and printable mode on the PMI website. Keep in mind that filling in the application is a time-consuming process. Although, of course, it will depend on how many projects have been managed.

Step 1: Register Yourself

You register as a user on the website of the Project Management Institute: PMI.

Step 2: Be A PMI Member (Optional)

Optional: You become a PMI member with an annual cost of $139 (including the new “application” fee: $ 10). In this way, among other advantages, you have a discount of $150 on the exam fees. The discount is available both in the “paper” version’ or by computer “online.”

Step 3: Submit your application

You submit your application online by registering the required information on experience in project management and related training.

  • Higher graduates (Bachelor’s, Higher and Technical Engineering, Degrees):
    • 3 years (36 months) of experience in project management
    • 4,500 hours of dedication as a project manager and
    • 35 hours of training in project management.
  • Basic Education:
    • 5 years (60 months) of experience in project management
    • 7,500 hours of dedication as a project manager and
    • 35 hours of training in project management.

Keep in mind:

  • Organizing and uploading the data required to request approval of the exam. Your tool can take a few hours of work.
  • For the requirement of years of experience in project management: Possible overlap between projects is not taken into account.
  • For the requirement of experience in hours in project management: Yes, accumulates the possible overlap between projects. The information filled is based on the process groups of the management of a project: Initiation-Planning-Execution-Monitoring and Control-Closing, to which the hours reported correspond.
  • You must enter the data of the person who endorses this experience: either from your organization or the client where the project has been developed.

Step 4: Check Application Status

Once the PMI has received the application, it is processed and reviewed in 5 business days. Then they send you PMP application status by e-mail.

Step 5: Get Confirmation

If they give you the OK to your request, the accreditation period begins. You have one year to take the exam.

Step 6: Pay Application Fees

You pay the PMP application fee.

Step 7: Get An Audit

You receive an ID Number from the PMI: card with your name and identification, which you will use to set the date.

After payment of the exam fees, you can be randomly selected by PMI to receive an audit. It will be an audit of all the documentation and experience you have provided, which may delay your process. In this case, you will be notified:

  • Percentages (15-20%) of the entries received are audited.
  • Sending an e-mail confirming entry into the audit process with the instructions to follow.
  • You must download the descriptive PDF of the project experiences to expand the information. It needs to be signed by those whom you have indicated to accredit said experience.
  • You must attach photocopies of the Title and Diploma/s of the accredited training.
  • And finally, send everything by traditional mail: one envelope per project + one envelope with all the documentation.
  • In this case, the one-year period for taking the exam is “reset” to begin once the audit is finished.

Step 8: Set a Date For the Exam

  • You can set a date for both online or on-paper exam. Once the exam date is fixed by any method, you can change it but always in advance. If you do it in less than a month, you will have a financial penalty.
  • The result of the exam, if it is online, is immediate. If it is on paper, it may take more than 7 business days to correct it.

PMP Application Sample

The application is crucial as it defines your ability and the chance of getting approved. For example, I would like to give you an example of a PMP application example for a software project (suppose, IT implementation)

Application description for PMP

Title: IT implementation project

Objective:  The objective of this project was to implement IT for issues tracking.

My project role:  As a project manager, I was responsible for,

IN: Developing the project charter.

PL: Creating the WBS.

EX: Managing the project resources.

MC: Managing changes to project scope, costs, and schedule.

CL: Finalizing all project activities and obtaining final acceptance of all project deliverables.

Outcome: The outcome of this project was that IT was successfully implemented.

Final Verdict:

In addition to describing the training and filling in the applications, it is necessary to detail the experience accumulated. Clarify aspects such as the programs and portfolios in which you have worked.

It is also necessary to record the dates in which each project was performed, the schedules, and the role played. Finally, do not forget to specify some details of the organization for which the services were provided. Hopefully, your application will be accepted.