Top 11 Best PMP Exam Simulator Reviews for Beginners 2021

PMP Exam Simulator Review

We are going to share the best PMP exam simulator reviews for you. If you are trying to find the best online PMP exam simulator, you are in the right place. Stick with us, we will help you pick the best one right from here.

The project management professional (PMP) certificate is one of the most leading certificates in the world for project managers.

In the United States, people who have this certificate get a higher salary than the general professional. Besides, they get some extra opportunities in growth, job security, etc.

Though this PMP (Project management professional) certificate is not the only way of being successful as a project manager, it makes all the ways smooth.

However, the PMP (Project management professional) exam simulator can help you increase your test score effectively.

This article will give you the top 11 best PMP exam simulator reviews for beginners in 2021.

Hopefully, it will help you to choose the best one for you.

What is PMP Exam Simulator?

There have different ways of taking preparation for the PMP (Project management professional) exam.

The practise exam is the most recommended one considering budget, time and all other factors.

A PMP exam simulator is basically a test engine that can allow you to take practice exams precisely like the actual PMP (Project management professional) exam.

This simulator will give you the exact exam environment, which will make you well prepared.

If you take this practice exam using the simulator, you will understand that what is the thing you have to improve and then you can develop yourself as your need.

It actually works and ultimately will help you to get a higher test score.

PMP Exam Simulator Review

PMP Exam Simulator Free Registration

Top 11 Best PMP Exam Simulator Reviews

You will get many websites providing different types of PMP exam simulators nowadays.

Unfortunately, all of them are actually not so effective.

So here, we are giving you the top 11 simulators you can use without any second thought. These are as follows:

PMaspire PMP Exam Simulator

PMaspire PMP Exam Simulator is the world’s richest PMP exam simulator where you will get:- hundreds of tutorial videos, thousands of questions, model exams, practice by knowledge area, study by difficulty level, exam report card, performance analytics, games-flash card quiz, dictionary, 120 hours study plan, and so on.

You are getting all the required things here for a good score in the PMP (project management professional) exam.

They are also providing any device compatibility service. That means you will be able to get access to the PMaspire PMP Exam Simulator from any internet-connected device.

After completing the exam, you will quickly get the result with a detailed explanation and PMBOK page reference.

Besides, you will also get the PM experience calculator here.

Amazing! Everything is on one platform where you can also create your own question.

Do you need anything more to get a good score on the PMP exam? We don’t think so.

You are getting all these amazing services for five days totally free. So it’s basically a trial period.

After using it, you can subscribe for 60 days to 150 days.

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PMaspire PMP Exam Simulator provides three premium packages: Gold, Platinum, Premium PM Pack.

PMaspire Gold pack costs $99 for 90 days, providing 50 free videos, 1800 PMP exam questions, etc.

Platinum and PM premium pack cost $149 and $289 for 90 and 150 days, respectively.

Notably, you will get all animated tutorial videos if you subscribe to the PM premium pack.

This one is the best PMP exam simulator now, considering price, quality, services and everything.

We are recommending you choose this one for your PMP exam preparation.

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PM Exam Simulator

PM exam simulator is basically a browser-based simulator that doesn’t require any downloads. You can take the practice exam from any reputed browser.

Here, you will get one additional thing: all the required content of your test will be automatically updated without any charges.

It is obviously a good deal for the professionals.

This simulator perfectly imitates the real PMP test issued by PMI (Project management institute).

Here, you will get two hundred questions to solve within 4 hours.

These questions are made precisely according to the rule of PMI.

Here, all the information are taken from the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

You are also getting a free PMP exam trial so that you can understand their service and make the best decision for you.

So now let’s talk about its price.

PM Exam Simulator costs $139 for 90 days of access.

After that, you can also extend 30 days which will cost $25.

PMP Exam Simulator Review

Master of Project Academy

Master of project academy is an e-learning platform started in 2012 and helped around 50,000+ professionals get PMP certificates.

Many of them got it in their first attempt.

This platform offers a PMP exam simulator to get seven simulation exams consisting of 1400 PMP (project management professional) exam questions.

You will be able to get access to this exam from any internet-connected devices from anywhere.

Moreover, after completing the exams, you will get the result and all the detailed explanation of the questions immediately here very easily.

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PM Master Prep

PM master prep is also one of the best simulators for the PMP exam.

It provides much faithful testing experience, which is made by 200 best questions according to the PMBOK (project management body of knowledge).

Expert project management professionals design all the questions.

So, you can rely on them without any doubt.

Here, you also have the way to see a demo before buying it.

We will recommend you to use the trial version when you are deciding to buy it.

This will help you to make the buying decision.

The price is of this simulator is also super reasonable. It only cost $59 for the regular PMP exam simulator and $149 for the super simulator.

You will also have an opportunity to prepare for the CAPM exam here.

The PM master prep simulator is one of the best (considering the price and quality), worth your time and money.


PMTraining is a PMP exam preparation class founded by Christopher Scordo, highly trusted in the project management world.

This one is an award-winning practice class for the PMP exams that includes over 1000 practice question with a detailed explanation and PMBOK reference.

You will also get mock exams, dashboards, reports, video tutorials and some tricks and tips. You are getting these all things only at $68 for 90 days.


PMStudy is a PMI (project management institute) registered education provider which provides PMP certification and exam preparation.

It conducts virtual classes first and then gives a simulated exam which is included in their online course.

There have three categories of their service: Silver, gold and platinum.

You will get access to the PMStudy simulator at $25 for sixty days in the silver plan. In addition, it offers one professional test.

In the gold and platinum plan, you will be able to take all four courses in 30 to 180 days.

In the PMStudy simulator, you also have the opportunity to get free access to some offline courses and one test, including three days of access.


Velociteach offers a wide variety of services in one place. Their learning quality is too good and unique.

You will get mock tests there, which takes around 4 hours to complete each.

Besides, you will get exam concept sheets there to make the structure of the question easy for you.

After completing one sheet, you can revisit the previous one so that you can revise it.

Velociteach provides the lecture of the experienced PMP exam instructor in both audio and video format.

You will get a premium service here.

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There’s one disadvantage of this simulator which is the price.

Their price range is slightly higher and totally unreasonable.

If price is not a fact for you, Velociteach is the best simulator for you.

PMP Exam Simulator Review

PMP Exam Simulator Free Registration

Sybex PMP Test Bank

Sybex is basically providing web-based test questions that you can use to practice for the PMP exams.

You will get all the required things for your preparation here, including reports, a detailed explanation of the answers, sheets, and so on.

After that, you just have to practice yourself in your own style.

They have 14 days trial period. So, you are getting a huge time for evaluating their service.

The price of this Sybex PMP test bank is $75.

Grey Campus

Grey campus is a training provider and education management system that conduct a training session for the different types of professionals including project managers.

In addition, it provides Open Campus, a library on different categories of professional certifications.

Here, PMP practice exams are also conducted with exactly similar questions to the actual PMP exam.

You will also get one free attempt to practise exam so that you can understand the quality of their service.

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Simplilearn is an online certification training courses provider which is very public for their good quality courses.

This one is also one of the best service providers. Here, during the simulated online exam, you will have an option to pause the exam and resume any time you want.

So, you can complete the exam multiple times.

It provides 200 multiple questions and takes 4 hours to be completed.


Prepcast is basically a PMP (project management professional) exam training company that provide some training videos.

These videos are downloadable. So, after the subscription, you can download them anytime and watch them anytime you want.

There have two payment options here. The first one is $138 for three months, and another is $299 for three months.

You will get a money-back guarantee for all types of courses here.

The second one is the premium version, where you will get a PM Prepcast Elite training course, Live Feedback and 35 contact hours certificate.

Wrapping Up: Best PMP Exam Simulator Reviews

Well, these are mainly the top 11 PMP exam simulator reviews. Here, we have given you will detailed information about these simulators.

So now the choice is you to choose the best one for you which suits you most.

But considering all the characteristics of a PMP exam simulator, PMaspire PMP Exam Simulator is the best one. So you can undoubtedly try this one.

PMP Exam Simulator Free Registration