Best PMP Study Guide for 2021

PMP Studying Guide

Time passes, and every day we hear more about the PMI and its certifications, the best known being the PMP. So you decide to get certified and start with a study plan. It is at this moment when we land in reality, and we see that preparation is not easy at all.

That’s why almost 80% of the people who take the exam fail to pass. So, how do we do it? What study plan should we choose? We tell you how.

Here are a few tips, tricks, and plans to make your PMP study easier.

Best PMP Study Guide: How Do You Start?

The first thing is to evaluate your current knowledge. If you have had many years of experience, it is possible that the practices are not enough. Maybe they are not what the PMBOK or project management certification book considers the best.

So, do not trust your great experience and take a diagnostic test of about 50 or 100 questions. There are so many exam simulators that allow you to do a mock exam of 50 questions. They have all areas of knowledge and indicate in a graph what your score is in each area. So with this, you will have an idea of ​​what your current situation is.

PMP Study Plan: Tips and Advice to Crack the Battle

Now that you know what your problem areas are, it is important to read the entire PMBOK. I know it is difficult due to the time it takes, but it is necessary. To prepare yourself properly, you can follow our PMP study guide and plan everything to pass the exam in first try.

I recommend that you complement this reading with other texts as the PMP Prep Book by Master of Project Academy. The book is very economical and has good references.

PMP Study Material

To prepare for the PMP exam, you can follow the PMBOK. It is an excellent material, and the exam is based on it. Or you can rely on other materials either.

  • Online such as the CDP School course or,
  • On paper such as the best seller by Rita Mulcahy or,
  • The Manual for Project Managers.

The truth is that the advantage of additional courses or materials is compared to PMBOK is far-reaching. However, it is too dense to be the first material you use. So, the courses will give you a global vision that will later help you better understand PMBOK.

Make A PMP Study Schedule

Establish when and how long you will study. Make an estimate of the time you will need. Try to be realistic. This way, you get a vision of how long you will need before you get to the exam. Follow your plan.

Do Not Cut Yourself! Tell Your Family and Friends about Your Plan

This will make them support you and also be aware of the time and space you need. On the other hand, it will transform your purpose into a real commitment. Use the fact that you have told others what you are doing as a way to reinforce your commitment. A proper PMP study guide and a strategic plan will help you preparing yourself for the best result in the exam.

Read the PMBOK Guide At Least Twice

The PMBOK guide must become an inseparable companion during your preparation. Focus on your reading and carry it out at least twice.

Take All the Tests You Can

Choose the simulator very wisely that you are going to use. Take at least one month and dedicate all the time you can to carry out tests. Also, use the tests in the preparation books.

Review the reasoned answers, especially those in which you see that you repeatedly lag or fail. Do exam simulations simulating their conditions. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions.

Preparation Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook

Another option to consider is the preparation groups that exist on LinkedIn and Facebook. In them, you will find people who are carrying out the same process as you at the moment. And you can solve doubts that may arise.

Consider incorporating these strategies into your study process for certification and increase your chances of success.

Study Every Day

Whichever way you prefer: in the solitude of your home or the library. You must be clear that it is better to study for one or two hours every day. Because studying 7 hours on Sunday and not touch it throughout the week will increase the stress only. You will retain the content better if you maintain a constant rate of learning and study.

It’s hard to find the time, I know. But if you keep that constant pace, it will be much easier for you to acquire the necessary mastery.

Take Your Study Materials with You

I’m not going to tell you to carry the PMBOK and the rest of the complementary materials all day. Our PMP study guide will teach you everything you need to understand while sitting for the exam or before when you are preparing for the exam. But you do look for a way to take with you:

  • Your Summaries,
  • The Sheet With The Formulas,
  • Your Diagrams, Or The
  • Digital versions of the books, etc., on your tablet or on your smartphone

This way, when you have a free moment, you can review them. When you go on the subway or waiting for someone, or at any time, you can take a look at them.

Use Mind Maps

Do you know the technique of Mind Maps?

It is a tool to organize information visually. Around a keyword or central idea, words, tasks, pictures, or other concepts linked to the central one are represented.

It is a very effective method for memorizing information. Incorporate it into your study methods.

To make mind maps, you can use some kind of application or just a sheet of paper. In either case, you can also apply the previous tip: take your mind maps with you on your phone. And take advantage of quick reviews of the maps to fix relevant information for the exam.

PMP Study Guide PDF

We have the most resourceful PMP study guide PDF for beginners. Our study guide for PMP exam will help candidates to understand how difficult will be the exam and how you can prepare yourselves for that exam. Below is our PMP exam study guide.


Preparing for the PMP Certification requires dedication, time, and effort on your part. You will have to value your study habits. All are valid if they work for you. Apply them.

Also, incorporate these PMP study tips during your preparation period. Or at least rehearse those questions that you think can help you achieve your goal. Using mind maps or taking advantage of our smartphones is an important part of the best PMP study guide. But remember, not everyone has the same capacity and preferred ways of doing it.