Project Manager Resourcing Services


The right people working on your transformation, project, programme or PMO is critical to success.


Whether it’s one professional or an entire team, our specialist resourcing services focus on delivering the right people with the right expertise.


What we can do for you:


  • Respond quickly with the right advice or help you find the right people
  • Understand your transformation, PMO, programme and project objectives and help you select the right delivery and resourcing modelProject Manager
  • Provide an unrivalled network with access to capability and talent to source a single professional or scale to team of over a 100
  • Discuss the project, culture and organizational maturity not just the role
  • Assist in developing your job and project specifications where you may not have them available
  • Provide unmatched scale, speed, knowledge and experience 


Resourcing Services Workflow

Insight Based Resourcing


We recruit all levels and disciplines of project professionals including:


  • Transformation Consultants
  • Programme Managers / Directors
  • Project Managers / Directors
  • Agile staff
  • PMO Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Benefit Managers
  • Organizational Change Managers
  • Master Schedulers
  • Project Engineers
  • Business Process Re-engineers
  • Project Coordinators / Administrators
  • Project Management support staff
  • Contract Administrators


Why PMaspire:


We understand projects and work with project people daily.


  • Contract and permanent skilled professionals and resource pool
  • Specialize in Project, Programme, PMO, Change Management and Business Analysis roles
  • Project experience in all industry sectors with a current client portfolio of over $2BN
  • Engaged as subject experts by public and private sector and international best practice bodies


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  1. Project Manager Resourcing or Head Hunting: 1 (One) month Gross Salary before tax on each role appointment
  2. If (Company Name) takes any of the candidates within one year from the date of CV submission, then (Company Name) shall pay to PMaspire as per the agreed charge.
  3. (Company Name) will transfer the bill amount to PMaspire Bank account within 5 working days of submission of discrepant bill after issuing the joining date of the selected candidate.
  4. All charges exclusive of VAT.
  5. PMaspire will release the candidate after 15 working days of submission of CVs if not short listed or informed by (Company Name)
  6. PMaspire shall not disclose the contact details of the candidates until they are selected for employment


  1. Project Manager Resourcing Service: 40% of 1 (One) month Gross Salary before tax.
  2. Terms & Conditions will be formalised following up a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)