2.26m+ Project Managers are Required.

If You are not aware of the terms PMP® or PMO then you must update yourself immediately. Because, it doesn’t matter which Industry you are from or which country you are residing, PMP® & PMO is for you. The world needs Your Support & Skills!

PMP (Project Management Professional), which is the most valued certification by Project Management Institute (PMI). This Certification enables you to understand the Project Management Knowledge, Process areas and the Domains (People, Process, Business Environment) to manage your Tasks/Job/Projects/Activities effectively and efficiently   with set Standards. Once you know the Project Management Standards achieving PMP Certification, it’s time for You to apply the knowledge in your job. Then only, You become one of the important professionals the world is looking for. It’s 2.26m+ per year in total the projected Opportunities for People like you as per the research conducted for PMI by the Anderson Economic Group.

The more organized You and Your Team is, the more efficient the Office & its Projects will be.

Departments managing different projects for the company/organization are called Project Management Office (PMO). In PMO, you get the opportunity to blend your Knowledge, Skills & Experience to show the True Yourself. CB-PMO® certification by PMO Global Institute (PMOGI®) helps you to declare better implementation knowledge on project management skills & techniques by mastering the PMO Framework.

But as we told you, the world needs 2.26m+ individuals Per Year. It indicates the need to have PMP® Professionals in various regions and the stats are quite provoking for the Young professionals looking for Career Growth and honor with their proven skills and expertise in different industries. The projected total required professionals are in the below chart based on zones.

So, the 1st Step to utilize the World Demand is to get PMP Certification and to do that you will need to have Proper Training by an Authorized PMP Trainer from an Authorized Training Partners (ATP) of PMI®. Added to that, the preparation can be taken to the next steps by utilizing the PM Training / PM Exam Simulators where you get the opportunity to learn from specifically designed materials for PMP Exam Preparation. This sort of solutions can cover with Videos, Audios, PDF Materials, Sit for Mock Exams, Learn from PM Dictionary, Flash Cards & Set your Own Exam by Knowledge Areas, Process Groups, Get Performance Analytics based on the activities you will do on the Exam Simulator software. This tool helps to get the indication on where you stand with your preparation and what you need to do for a better preparation for the PMP® Exam.

The 2nd Step is to make your skills even more polished and go to the top of the Project Management teams by achieving the Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO®) Certification and to do that you will require to enroll into PMO Global Institute’s Training program by any of the Master Trainers. They also offer the Training for CB-PMO® and guides specifically to be the master on the PMO Framework in Figure 2. This will lead you to make sure you are on top of the opportunities the world is requiring right now.

The opportunity for You is not limited with these 2 certifications or what you do for your office. If you want to establish your consultancy business or become a PMP®/PMO Trainer, the path is open for you. PM Franchise Partner Program can enable you with a lot of opportunities to start your own business. As a PM Trainer you will have access to a Learning Management System (LMS) so that you can Design Your Courses, Sell them Online, Take Class, Take Quizzes and Monitor Progress of Your Students from that portal. This is equally important to have PMP/PMO trainers to fill out the Gap with the Talents the world is requiring now.

Let us know if You need any support to plan accordingly and Be the Leader for your Domain & Career Path. We are PMaspire and we are always there for Your Success!

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