SQDC Training, South Africa signed up with PMaspire PM Training Simulator

SQDC Training, South Africa signed up with PMaspire PM Training Simulator

01 June 2022 – SQDC Training, one of South Africa’s finest PM TRAINING & EDUCATION SOLUTION providers, has partnered and signed with PMaspire PM Training Simulator to provide their participants with unlimited PM Simulation access.

The following are some of the reasons why PMaspire PM Training Software is so popular in the Market:

The PM training simulator covers everything you need to start and run as a project management trainer or a training firm, including the following features:

  • Course builder – Create unlimited video/Audio/PPT courses and give access to unlimited Students
  • Create Quizzes on the fly
  • Pre-configured Model Exams
  • Real Time Assessment of Students and Employees
  • Student Management Module
  • Create Courses and manage courses
  • Create Student groups and assign quiz to groups
  • Gamification – Flashcards Quiz Game
  • Generate Unlimited Simulated Exam
  • Real time Student Exam Report Cards
  • Student Performance Analytics
  • Project Management Dictionary
  • Student Experience Calculator Tool
  • Co-branding – Trainer logo displays on trainees dashboard

PM Training Simulator also contains the following features:

  • Five (05) Pre-Loaded PMP Model Exams.
  • Thirteen (13) Chapter wise/knowledge area wise questions each with 15 questions
  • 600+ Flashcards
  • 650+ PM Dictionaries

PMaspire is also proud to announce the release of a new version of the PM Training Simulator, which features a more user-friendly interface.


SQDC Training

SQDC provides specialized and customized skills development programs that enable the delegate to apply a strong project management approach to discrete sets of work and to improve staff’s ability to use planning approaches effectively.


PMaspire is a global project management solutions provider helping 100,000 project aspirants in 100 countries with 450 international authorized solutions providers. PMaspire is one of the unique companies in the world to offer entire project management suite including AI-Based Project Management Software and PMO dashboard, PMP Exam Simulator in Seven international languages, Enterprise Learning Management System with Video Conferencing Tool, RegTech, PM Training Simulator, and PMO Consulting Services.


With global headquarters in Singapore, North American hub in Canada, Middle East Regional Hub in the United Arab Emirates and software development center in Bangladesh, PMaspire is also helping project aspirants learn project management through practical project case studies and hands-on exercises by doing simulation experience.

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