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SaaS Platform Support Response Time

Level Severity Level Description Response Time Resolution Time
P1 Outage SaaS Server Down Immediate Depending on the hosting server issue resolutions. Expected resolutions 2 hours.
P2 Critical Highly critical alert. Product is not available for use or a significant proportion of the contracted functionalities are not available or system is stuck / not working Within 3 hours Within 8 Hours or 1 working days
P3 Urgent One or more elements of the Product critical to the functioning of Customer’s business have ceased to respond completely or respond extremely slowly. Within 24 hours 48 hours or 2 working days
P4 Important Non-critical alert. One or more elements of the Product have ceased to respond completely or respond slowly and a workaround is available. Within 48 hours 72 hours or 3 – 4 working days
P5 Informational
  1. Notification of minor issues that does not prohibit Customers from utilizing Product in any material way.
  2. Product related inquiries
  3. User Training related information
  4. Proposed new features or Change Request etc.
Two Working Days Best Effort

**Response time does not mean the issue is resolved.

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