Value of PMP Certification [10 Valid Reasons]

If you are eyeing managerial positions but not sure whether it is worth it – then this article will help you understand the value of PMP certification. This certification can help you a long way in the project management sector. This is a difficult exam, and acing it requires dedication and time.

Therefore, better know the actual worth before stepping into this hard job. Knowing the actual worth and how it can improve your career – will help you be motivated to work harder.

How Valuable is PMP Certification

PMP certification value is enormous and you would feel it if you understand how it can improve your career. You want to have a career in project management; you must gain knowledge and skills in this profession.

However, how do you prove that you are good enough for this position?

Here comes the need for the Project Management Professional Certification. The PMP certification is proof that you are skilled and have what it takes to become a project manager.

This certification is recognized globally and valued everywhere. No matter where you go, you can show this certification to provide a token of your skill. You can flaunt this achievement for any project managerial position.

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Value of PMP Certification

With a PMP certification, you get benefited in different aspects of your career. Here we discuss 10 reasons for you to get the advantages through the PMP certification. Does PMP certification help?

Well, PMP certification jobs are highly attractive and demanded for people who want to build their career in project management industry. Below we have discussed the value of the PMP certification for you, check it out now.

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1. Internationally Recognized

Project Management Professional or PMP certification is globally recognized. No matter which corner of the world you are in, you can show this certificate to validate your project management skill.

The PMP training helps you acquire knowledge of the global standard. Any employer in the world with knowledge of PMP will understand your value and provide opportunities, respectively.

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2. Improved Skills

To participate in the PMP exam, you require certain skills and preparing for the exam you acquire even further. These improved skills are very useful for your career. It will also allow you to handle difficult situations better and in a more skilled way.

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Improved skills will give the benefit of completing a task with more ease and time. A skilled project manager can work more efficiently. This certification ensures the job provided that you are hardworking, can work under pressure, and have what it takes to be a project manager.

3. Progression in Career

If you are in project management industry, you may feel the value of PMP certification and the growth it would bring to your career. Let’s talk about the progression of career, you can achieve by PMP certification.

The PMP certificate will bring advantages to your career. Whether you want a promotion in your existing company or switch to another company in a higher position, certification will ensure that you are fit for the position.

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This certification proves that you are hardworking, skilled, can handle pressure, and have the ability to succeed. It additionally proves that you are not afraid of taking on new challenges and training.

4. Salary Increment

With enough knowledge and skill, you deserve to get paid better. If your existing company does not understand that or will not acknowledge your skills, you surely will find a company that will. Traditionally, with skills, experience, and certifications – you get increments. Therefore, PMP certification opens the door for salary increment for you.

5. Professionalism

With more professional certifications, you come out looking more professional. Employers and clients will take you more seriously. It is not just the professional outlook; you also change to be more professional.

To satisfy the needs and skills of the certification, you gain knowledge and become more serious about your profession, which helps you to become more professional and sincere about your work.

6. Stand Out from Your Competitors

Any company or employer searches for what different a candidate can offer them. With the PMP certification, the weight of your resume increases. You come with more to offer than other candidates.

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An employer will definitely cherish this. With PMP certification, you stand out among all the candidates with more knowledge, skill, and experience. You will get better opportunities to shine.

7. Opportunity to Become a mentor

PMP certification opens up the opportunity to become a mentor apart from becoming a project manager. Succeeding in the PMP exam allows you to become a mentor as well. PMP is a difficult exam. Most people pass PMP exam after several try, so you need to prepare hard to pass it.

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Therefore many seek help in accomplishing this exam. If you are someone who aced this exam and has the capability to guide others, you should consider becoming a mentor. It can be beneficial for both you and the people who want to learn about PMP.

8. Networking Opportunities

To get a PMP certificate, you can become a member of PMI (Project Management Institute). Once you become a member of PMI, you get to know other opportunities related to project management.

Also, in many cities, PMI arranges events or meetings. These events provide a good opportunity for networking. You get to meet other project managers and employers and get benefited.

9. Boost Confidence and Commitment

Certifications, in general, boost your confidence as you get validation. PMP provides validation for your skill and experience globally. This can increase your confidence to do even better. When you will get these benefits from PMP certification, you will understand the value of PMP certification.

Once you get the opportunities you were looking for, you can become more sincere and committed to your work. Appearing more confident and sincere, you attract everyone’s attention and get more opportunities.

10. Validation

As we mentioned earlier, you get validation for your PMP certification. Your skills get validated globally. The importance of your skills and experience get appreciated worldwide. Having this important certification in project management, you do not need to prove much additionally to the employers to impress them.

What Jobs Can You Get with A PMP Certification?

PMP Certification

Does PMP certification help get a job? In this section, we will discuss about it. Let’s check it out now.

Based on your education and qualification, you can get project management positions. After that, you can improve by achieving a PMP certification. This certificate is beneficial for many managerial positions or for becoming a PMP mentor. Some examples of the position where this certificate can be useful are below.

  • Engineering Project Management Professional
  • Pharmaceuticals Project Management Professional
  • Aerospace Project Management Professional
  • Project Management Professional Consultant
  • Resources Project Management Professional

PMP vs MBA: is PMP Worth It?

Many of those who are getting certification for advancing on their career path wonder which will be better? PMP or MBA?

MBA is a business-oriented course, whereas PMP is a professional certificate. It concerns about different business aspects, and the course provides knowledge on various situations in a business and how to handle them. MBA can be beneficial for those who are willing to get a job in a business-related position.

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On the other hand, PMP is a professional certificate in project management. This lets you improve your skill in managing different aspects of a project. It is applicable for different professions like engineering, business, etc.

This certification is more about how to handle a project and get the desired output efficiently. How to handle different tasks, distribute them among the employees, managing employees, etc. If you want to become a project manager and succeed, then PMP certification is better than MBA.

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Final Verdict

If you want to do better in your career in project management, you will come across PMP at some point in time. It is better to prepare earlier to take on this challenge as it will help you improve in your career. If you face any difficulties in any managerial position, you will realize the value of PMP certification.