Why you need a PMP® Exam Quick Study Guide?

Studying for any exam requires tremendous time, dedication and efforts. The Project Management Professional exam is tougher than the most exams and requires immense preparation and diligence. PMP® certification is recognized as the Elite certification for project management professionals. Acquiring this certification opens doors to new opportunities and also makes you a favorable candidate to trust higher responsibilities. PMP® is administered by the Project Management Institute, and is the most officially recognized project management certification worldwide.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) which is issued by renowned project management body- Project Management Institute. It is considered as a valuable tool for those who are preparing for PMP® certification. Learning the concepts of PMP® Exam would not only boost your career but also enable you to handle the critical projects. PMP® certification is based on PMBOK® Guide and mastering this magic book can surely help you pass the PMP® certification on the first try.

Getting PMP® certified may seem to be a daunting task for many. However, if you approach with a right strategy, the process can become much simple and easy for you. PMP® Exam quick study guide can prove out to be extremely beneficial if you are aiming to pass the test on the first try. PMP® Quick Study Guide is a 82 pager special notes book which is specially curated for PMP® aspirants to recap all the 978 pages PMBOK® Guide Definitions, Terms, Formulas in a view within just 60 minutes.

Impressive Features of PMP® Quick Study Guide

The highlighting features of PMP® Quick Study Guide are given below:

  • PMP® preparation guidelines
  • PMP® Quick Study Reference
  • PMP® 350 one-liner important tips
  • PMP® Numerical formulas
  • PMP® frequently asked questions
  • Highly beneficial exam day tips

When your exam date is approaching and you do not have the time to go through the mighty PMBOK® Guide, in that case, PMP® Quick Study Guide can come really handy. As mentioned earlier, it will give you a quick recap of the 978 pages PMBOK® Guide in just 60 minutes.

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